How Gatineau Prosecutor Mathieu Cloutier evades Quebec’s Human Rights Commission

An apparently corrupt prosecutor in the City of Gatineau has been actively trying to avoid investigations by the Quebec Human Rights Commission (QHRC) on reported cases of racism.

In this open letter, Mathieu Cloutier is cited for supporting systematized racial profiling inthe City of Gatineau.  This most recently includes the racial profiling a black man after he was ticketed by the Gatineau Police for absurd reasons.

We’re at the start of a new decade and 2020 is quite different from the 1950s where Alabama suffered racism under Jim Crow laws or in the 1970s under the apartheid period in South Africa. During these times, the gaping holes in the legal system meant the authorities didn’t require a solid reason to arrest or ticket a black man—being black was enough a “crime”.

However, it seems that the Gatineau Police have not moved on with the times as their behaviour towards black men and First Nations peoples is unacceptable in this age and time.

Nonetheless, it begs the question: Why and how has the Gatineau prosecutor evaded scrutiny from the Quebec Human Rights Commission?

Apparently, Mr Cloutier has been avoiding calls from the QHRC for several weeks now and this has stalled the mediation process. According to the prosecutor’s office, his reason for being unreachable is that he has been away on paternity leave but despite returning from his leave, the Quebec Human Rights Commission has not confirmed receiving any returned phone calls from Mr Cloutier.

It is the obligation of this Gatineau prosecutor to promote and not destroy the human rights of all Canadians in line with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This corrupt Gatineau prosecutor has an apparent hidden agenda as there have been numerous complaints of racism which his Office has endorsed. On March 24, the trial for the affected black man is scheduled to happen at the Gatineau municipal court and this prosecutor appears to be working on ensuring that the presiding judge shares his sentiments.

If he is not legally challenged, this Kangaroo Court styled trial would only succeed in sweeping yet another clear case of racism under the carpet.

Nonetheless, the main purpose of this open letter is to reassure the public that we don’t intend to fold our arms and watch this despicable act happen.

It is the responsibility of the Gatineau Prosecutor to uphold the law under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Unfortunately, the Gatineau prosecutor has apparently sought to make himself an operative of White Supremacists who seek to oppress visible minorties.

Due to the extremely corrupt nature of this Gatineau prosecutor, he has been under the radar for several years, successfully evading investigation, unlike his Montreal counterparts.


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