Letter: Corrupt City of Gatineau Prosecutor seeks to evade Quebec Human Rights Commission

This is an open letter to the City of Gatineau Prosecutor who for weeks has been seeking to apparently evade scrutiny by the Quebec Human Rights Commission regarding cases of racial profiling in which a black man has been accosted by Gatineau Police for such reasons as "walking funny"; "walking on the grass"; "driving a rented vehicle" and "walking-off the sidewalk".  Have you every heard of such outrageous behaviour by police in Canada?

Is this Canada in 2020 or Jim Crow Alabama in the 1950's or apartheid South African in 1970's when the police there didn't have to have any reason for stopping black people?

Apparently, this is the Gatineau Police's regular way of "welcoming" black men.

How has this Prosecutor been evading human rights scrutiny, you might ask?

"Mr. Prosecutor" has done this by apparently for weeks evading telephone calls from the Quebec Human Rights Commission.

Mr. Prosector's first apparent excuse that his office gave was that he was on "paternity leave".  But having come back from paternity leave he has continued to not return any calls.

I'm here to tell you today sir, that as long as Québec is a part of Canada, you Mr. Prosecutor have an obligation to affirm the human rights of all Canadians in relation to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

You might ask want the name of this prosecutor is? 

There will be no need to reveal his name provided that he returns the phone call of the Québec Human Rights Commission and begins to redress the horrific patterns of racial profiling under his watch within 24 hours of this Open Letter.

Oh, on second thought - Mathieu Cloutier.

Well, there has been apparently lots and lots of complaints about racism under Mr Cloutier's watch.

Officially Mr Cloutier is a 'Prosecutor' but he is more like a "Persecutor".

Persecutor Cloutier can be regarded as "Ground Zero" of the orchestrated practices of Dirty Cops in the City of Gatineau.

I know of no black male or aboriginal person who has not been the victim of human rights abuses by Mr Cloutier's Dirty Cops.

Unlike Ottawa, the practices of Dirty Cops in Gatineau is the apparent result of organized practices apparently completely endorsed by "Persecutor Cloutier" who can count on a corresponding corrupt municipal court to cover-up the systematized transgressions of Cloutier's Dirty Cops.

Persecutor Cloutier may be a young man but his practices are not and are a throw back to by gone days of racism against visible minorities.

There is a trial coming up against this black man on March 24 in Gatineau municipal court, and the prosecutor has apparently sought to "arrange" for a judge "with his thinking" to preside over a "Kangaroo Court" style trial in order to sweep yet another case of racism under the carpet.

I'm here to tell you today that we're not going to allow this to happen.

Mr Gatineau Prosecutor is so corrupt that he has been able to avoid scrutiny for years that his counterparts in Montreal are now facing.

I am here to tell you today sir in behalf of all of the victims of racism in the City of Gatineau that your corrupt activities must end at once or you will face a crescendo of public indignation.


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