Software: Rational Plan starts with common sense

StandBySoft, the developer of Rational Plan, encourages better business planning at companies and non-profits worldwide. StandBySoft is an innovative software company that makes desktop application and components. One of its flagship products, Rational Plan, helps companies establish their business goals in a timely manner and offers guidance to project managers on a step-by-step basis.

In 2012, Rational Plan earned national recognition by obtaining a third-place award at Capterra's Project Management Election 2012 after nominated as one of the 55 most-outstanding project management platforms. Capterra's election is widely recognized as the industry benchmark for project management took performance. Its election vets programs, uncovers bugs, and helps software buyers and vendors communicate so that solutions are available to meet businesses in need.

Gabriel Toader, CEO of StandBySoft, noted that Rational Plan's user growth is strictly dependent on social networking. According to Toader, "users need more besides Rational Plan Products. They also need to learn how to use them, they need tools and techniques to be applied, and a place where to chat and share opinions."

Collaborating with IBM, Sony, and Cisco, Rational Plan has established rules to assist those who need better guidance in business management. Because Rational Plan is continuously going through updates and changes to its software, new features promise new customers and services every day. For instance, in Rational Plan's latest update to version 4.0, the feature Multi Product allows users to gather projects together and manage them in one place. Company data, including projects, resources and calendars are in one place that remain easily accessible to other users.


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