Canadian Businesses edge out competitors online

Websites are still suffering from Google Panda and Penguin. Although Google continues to make more updates, websites are finding it more difficult to recover and restore lost positions in search. Google’s other recent update, EMD, continues to punish low-quality sites and force others to address important issues. It is not easy to address the onslaught of changes from search engines. However, National Positions offers solutions to help website owners make the right choices and stay ahead of the competition.


The president of one company I interviewed on the subject, Bernard May of National Positions, believes that Canadian businesses cannot ignore the changing landscape of the Internet and expect positive results. His company specializes in helping websites improve their social media, reputation management, mobile development, video optimization, link building and general SEO practices. In a recent blog post, National Positions highlighted the importance of creating realistic business resolutions and addressing issues.


'Link building' is just one aspect of the services offered by National Positions, but it is often used incorrectly by many companies. Bernard May has developed an effective strategy for dealing with link building to improve search traffic, customer satisfaction and overall success. National Positions has many suggestions that can be customized to fit a specific business need. Link building can involve social media, guest blogs and many other platforms. However, quality content is the first step that must be done correctly because it will influence backlinking.


Search Engine Optimization requires more than simple keyword percentages or copywriting skills. Marketing your website correctly is crucial to finding success in a constantly changing Internet. Search engines will continue to make modifications, but your reaction will determine how your business is able to cope with the changes. National Positions offers a comprehensive solutions package that includes multiple facets. Link building is one important part of the package because Google weighs backlinks. However, there are other parts that also matter and are often ignored. This is why websites often struggle to find a way to solve their problems on their own. 


For Canadian businesses to succeed in the modern world, we have to tackle more than one area of a website. This is why link building is viewed as part of a larger package of services needed to keep website traffic high. Social media strategies and SEO are another area that cannot be ignored. In addition, mobile marketing and website optimization is too important to neglect as more people turn to phones to do searches. Ultimately, brand development relies on more than one key area to stay relevant.


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