Zoho CRM software enables client services success

The success of any business is dependent on its relationship with the customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can be very helpful in managing different aspects of customer service. It can also help in making sure that customers are satisfied with the service they get. CRM software can be used to organize, synchronize and automate business processes like sales or marketing. In the retail sector, the CRM helps in effective management of the sales process. An online CRM software can be very advantageous to your business. CRM can help your business save time, effort and money.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an On-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for managing your customer relations in a better way. It is highly efficient, effective and can be accessed from mobile devices. It will be a great tool in building, maintaining and strengthening customer relationship. Zoho CRM can automate the sales process and provide you with real time analysis of customer data. An automated sales process will give you more free time, and help you in improving your business. Some of the features of Zoho CRM are:

1. Online Sales Force Automation

2. Marketing Automation

3. Customer Support Assistance

4. Inventory Management

5. Social Media CRM

6. Lead Generation & Tracking

7. Role-based Security

8. Integration with emails and websites

9. Developer API

10. Multiple Add-Ons and Integrations

11. Available in Mobile Edition


The online CRM software from Zoho is a helpful tool for any business that seeks to operate in a financially profitable manner. Key features of this software include the following:

1) Increase productivity - By automating daily business activities like sales and marketing, you will increase the productivity of your business. The CRM can track visitors’ data from your website and help you in contacting them for marketing. With the help of a spam free form, you can convert the leads to sales.

2) Build your business - Zoho CRM will help in streamlining your business. You will be able to identify inactive leads and follow-up on them. With the help of a tracking tool, you can set realistic sales targets and effectively use your resources to achieve them. It will also help you in developing strong marketing campaigns and executing them with the help of Mass Email, Campaigns and Auto Responders.

3) Effectively manage data - This online CRM software system will generate real-time reports, analyze data and provide the results in the form of graphs and charts. You can utilize these reports to allocate resources, improving business processes and customer service. It also provides role-based security and allows you to share the data with different people in your organization. You can manage module level permissions for different job profiles.

4) Stay Connected - The software can be accessed through mobile devices, even when you are away from work. It will also provide you with information about all previous conversations and communications with any customer. The data can be accessed while attending calls and responding to emails, for providing better customer service.

5) Compatible with other apps - This tool can be connected with ecommerce apps and other 3rd party software. It can also be integrated with Google Apps and important Zoho Apps such as Campaigns, Mail, Chat, Invoice, Meeting, Project, Support, and Reports.

ZOHO CRM is the single most convenient online CRM software accessible to anyone in need of assistance with customer relationship management.

Customer relationship management is the most widely implemented model for managing a company’s interactions with the customers and other sales prospects.

The site is accessible from almost every mobile device so it doesn’t have any specific hardware requirements.

ZOHO CRM relieves you off the hassle of maintaining data and thus helps you focus on sales. It also helps you identify and distinguish the more productive aspects of your corporation from the less productive ones.

A well informed customer is a happy customer and ZOHO establishes your relationship with your customers to keep you connected with them by increasing transparency. To sum-up ZOHO benefits your company by automating, organizing and synchronizing the most basic as well as the most sophisticated business processes.

On signing-up the immediate benefits will include assistance with finding and attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers of your company. This online CRM software will also help you to entice your former customers to return all the while drastically decreasing your marketing costs and customer service costs.

Now, if you’re wondering about doing all of that yourself, think of all the precious time that you will have to devote in order to do that, time that you could put to use by doing what you do best.

A common misconception is that a large-scale business owners don’t need CRM but that couldn’t be far from the truth as in case of large businesses the workflow is even more complex. Workflow is merely the sequence of the administrative and industrial procedures from the initiation to the completion for a particular piece of work.

So contrary to the popular belief the profitability of a large-scale business will increase dramatically with ZOHO CRM.

Several other online CRM software are promising similar results but most of them have a poor user interface that does not allow the user to fully understand ways to implement a customer relationship management system.

Choosing such software over ZOHO CRM can have disastrous consequences like Fragmentation of the customer relationship management system which simply means having isolated initiatives that never work properly and waste your time and money.

You will never have to face such problems with ZOHO CRM because the interface is very user friendly and you will feel comfortable using it.

ZOHO CRM was awarded the 2012 Market Leader Award in small business category by the CRM magazine and if that’s not enough of a reason for you to opt for ZOHO then try it yourself for a delightful experience. Companies that make use of this online CRM software will increase their profits overtime and the ones that pass-on this opportunity will lag behind.

Your choice will determine your future so be sure to make the correct one.

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