Ashes to Diamonds: Turn your loved ones' ashes into a precious diamond

Cremation is the process of burning a dead body to ashes. This process has been adopted long enough by humans worldwide besides traditional cemetery burials. In recent years, post-cremation burial solutions have attracted many Americans and Canadians as they are becoming more and more innovative. Cremation Diamonds is one of them and here is the reason why. These precious memorial diamonds give Canadians the flexibility to carry endless sweet memories and pay tribute to reflect the life being honoured

How specialist companies can turn your ashes or hair into diamonds

Cremation Diamonds are grown in Laboratory

In case you might be wondering where cremation diamonds are made, there are a couples of expert companies making this happen especially in Switzerland, the USA and in the UK...Among these companies is Lonité, a Swiss specialist with a branch office in Buffalo, NY, USA that has made its name from turning ashes into diamonds, hair into diamonds and even pets ‘ashes or fur into diamonds.

All-natural diamonds are basically carbon which has been compressed and heated deep in the earth over a million of years. Specialists emulate those same conditions using unique hydraulic presses in a laboratory, compressing at massive pressures whilst heating to fantastic temperatures the extracted carbon from your cremation ashes or hair to grow a genuine raw diamond. Instead of years, they grow them in months. For as low as C$1,800, you can get the order process started for your precious diamond depending on the size, the cut and the colour selected.

As more people are choosing cremation diamonds in Canada, memorial diamonds professionals are striving to give consumers a true sense of what it means to lose a loved one and at the same time to keep memories alive. The reasons for this trend of turning ashes into diamonds is the breadth of options the method provides everlasting memories, a greener earth friendly option, it’s cheaper, minimizes land use as burial plots or even a form of cultural practice.

Cremation Diamonds as a remedy to the lack of burial space in cemeteries around the world

Not only are steep costs involved in hosting a traditional burial also, the matter of burial space. According to the population projections program in Canada, the general population increase is likely to continue in future and could have an impact on the needs and services of the Canadians. For instance the escalating rise of rent for burial space is already affecting the families of the buried ones which cost is renewable yearly.

Japan being one of the countries besides America, Germany and the UK that provides the biggest market for the cremation industry with statistics revealing 98% of cremation rate equating to 1 million cremation every year. Post-cremation options are therefore greatly demanded, in a country that don't even have space anymore to store the urns.  In large cities of New York, Chicago, London, Singapore or Hong Kong, cemeteries are running out of burial space, and many people are unable to purchase these costly burial plots. “I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act.”— Bill Gates.

Ideally, cremation diamonds are one of the safer and greener post cremation alternatives that would minimise land usage for building graveyards and conserve the land for future economic developments and for the next generations. Cremation diamonds is part of a commemorative experience. In fact, cremation can increase your options when planning a funeral.

Cremation Diamonds: An alternative on the rise in Canada

Turn your loved ones ashes into beautiful memorial diamond rings

The acceptance of this new method among Canadian and American families as a smart and beautiful tribute to their loved ones is on the rise. Now even the famous Kris Jenner of the American reality TV series of “Keeping up with the Kardashians" a mother of seven has funeral plans of turning her body into ashes when she dies so that each of her seven children can get a cremation diamond of her and to forever live amongst them.

The American king of pop himself Michael Jackson who passed away on June 25, 2009 got his hair turned into ashes then to diamonds as a keep sake and memory for his family members.

The legacy of your loved ones lives on with these precious diamonds unlike the traditional graveyard method. This doesn’t mean the aspects of traditional in-ground burial method have to discarded.

It is also possible to turn your pets into cremation diamonds. The method works for all kind of animals from birds, to dogs, cats and even horses. Do not let the memories of your furry companion fade in a flash but rather turn their ashes into some memorable keepsakes like cremation diamonds. The process of pet cremation into diamonds is more or less the same as turning human ashes or hair into diamonds. The difference is in the sources of carbon and you must be able to provide at least 200g of the pets' ashes or 10g of the pets' fur.

Ashes to diamonds companies are revolutionizing the funeral industry with the possibility of turning ashes into diamonds that has become a reality in recent years. This method has given Canadians an option to weigh against traditional burial and urns. Death is now more important than ever, especially the way we want to be remembered.


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