Ed the Sock and Liana K. Debut on Canada’s Top 20 Countdown


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MONTREAL -- Canada’s Top 20 Countdown is pleased to welcome Ed The Sock and Liana K to their weekly line up. Canada’s Top 20 Countdown is a weekly syndicated radio brand heard on station across Canada and the world by an estimated audience of 30 million, touted as Canada’s most successful independently produced radio countdown brand. AJ Reynolds, CEO and Host stated; “We have been after Ed and Liana to join our program for quite some time now. Ed is a Canadian icon known worldwide for his straight shooting, tell it like it is approach and Liana is such an expert in her field, dubbed “Canada’s Queen Of The Geeks”, by Canadian media.”

Ed The Sock’s segment is “Ed The Sock’s, I Hate Hollywood Headlines,” based on his upcoming TV show and Liana K will present “Liana K’s Geek Download”.

"Someone needs to penetrate the PR hype & cut celebrities down to size. And radio needs an antidote to Perez Hilton and Jon Tesh," says Ed.

"Things have come a long way from when you got a hard time in school for being a geek... Trust me, I know," says Liana.  "Video games make as much money as movies & gadgets are everywhere. There's a labyrinth of choices and I'll do my best to help you through the maze."

Canada’s Top 20 Countdown is heard weekly across Canada on 32 radio stations coast to coast and is presented in three formats; CHR/HOT AC, Rock and Country.

Ed the Sock and Liana K make their debut on Canada’s Top 20 February 24th, 2012.

Contact: AJ Reynolds - Phone: (514) 602-6028 - E-mail: studio@canadastop20.com


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