UFO: Indian army reports unusual activities over Kashmir


Kashmir, the northwestern region of the India subcontinent, is apparently one of the best known places for UFO sightings in the world. Many people have reported seeing UFO activities in this area. Some UFO researchers are even predicting that there are several UFO bases in Aksai Chin, the Chinese controlled part of Kashmir.

The geographic condition of the region that is currently administrated by three countries (India, Pakistan, and China) is indeed perfect for UFO underground bases. Most of the region is dominated by large mountain ranges like the Himalaya and Karakoram Ranges, where UFOs will have plenty of suitably hidden places to build the bases.

But the latest UFO sighting report from this area is more surprising than ever, and probably more credible than any other report, because it was filed by an army. On October 15, 2012, the Indian Army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) reported UFO sightings in the Ladakh Region of Jammu and Kashmir.

This Indian Army-ITBP report  is phenomenal enough even for non-believers because Indian Army and ITBP claimed to have seen at least 100 UFO sightings in a month! Most of the objects seen were coming from the Chinese administrated area, flying slowly for three to five hours, before disappearing.

This is definitely the new record for UFO Sighting numbers in a month. And the credibility of the report is very reliable, the army has filed this finding with their headquarters and with their prime ministers. The need of reporting such findings to the highest in command is very high, related to the extremely high frequency of sightings and the possibility of threat to the nations. “UFOs are not necessarily from outer space,” Jayan Naikar, a reputable scientist, explained.

According to a UFO Sightings Daily report, which was already published in many international media, the military described the objects as ‘luminous flying objects’. The military headquarters analyzed the evidence, to seek the possibility that the objects are illegal military surveillance devices or vehicles from another country, that can bring major threats to the country’s sovereignty.

This precautionary measurement is necessary because the region has a long story of conflicts and became a matter of dispute between the two countries.

But after studying the photographic evidences, the authorities confirmed that the objects are not aerial vehicles (UAVS), drones, or low orbit satellites.

The army is has been studying this phenomenon very seriously, involving a lot of sophisticated military equipment including setting up military radar. “We can’t ignore these sightings. We need to investigate the possibility that these are new (surveillance) technology,” said former Indian Air Force chief, P.V. Naik.

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