Fukushima radiation affects West Coast new child births

More than two years after the incident at Fukushima, people are still facing the danger of a radiation apocalypse. It is not only the Western Seaboard of North America that is facing frequent threats regularly but the entire Northern Hemisphere which is gradually being threatened. Senator Wyden had already warned the entire nation of the crisis that may develop as an aftermath of this incident when he personally witnessed the Daiichi nuclear power facility in a wrecked state, littered with huge collection of nuclear fuel rods that could spell slow danger to the environment of the entire planet. No one has paid attention to his outcry.

Something has happened recently which has made people sit up again and take notice. There was a carcass of a Californian sea lion found on the beach front at the San Onofre nuclear power plant. It would also have gone unnoticed if not for a quick scan with a dosimeter that has revealed that the carcass was radioactive. Probing studies have shown a shocking 0.48 micro-sieverts near its heart and liver area. Its rear flippers were also affected, perhaps as a result of repeated contact with fecal excretions. The readings indicate that the possible cause of its death was the ingestion of radioactive feed through fish and algae in its diet. The nuclear isotopes were accumulated in its internal organs after moving from the digestive tract into the main bloodstream.

There is a video that is circulating on YouTube that has drawn in more attention to the danger posed by this radiation fallout. Here is the link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL2PxzeMoRw. People who read this article would be best advised not to have fun in the rain or in the ocean and remain restrained with caution on the Western Seaboard. It would be good to use supplements as Mitch has advised. Turmeric, iodine drops, magnesium pills and a tablespoon of baking soda mixed in water should alleviate the conditions like extreme nausea, dizziness and persistent coughing.

Two sources of radioactive contamination have been confirmed along the Western Seaboard of North America. One is the North Pacific Current that is carrying the coolant dumped from the melted down Fukushima facility. The other source is River Columbia that is consisting of waste water from the Hanford nuclear weapons plant in Washington State. The third source now could be the Southern Californian Edison nuclear plant at San Onofre. The seaweed clumps in front of the San Onofre facility have registered 0.38 micro-sieverts.

There are fresh concerns about the health effects of the Fukushima disaster on American children and babies. The newborns living in California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska have been affected directly by the Fukushima fallout in a very serious way and it is being reflected by an alarming rate of hypothyroidism that has been observed among these children.

After going through these evidences in the midst of a radiation crisis, where are the state and federal environmental protection agencies and what is their action plan?


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