UFO: Hovering Orbs seen over Oakville Ontario


There are eyewitness reports on two orbs that changed direction and hovered in the daytime sky at Oakville, Ontario, on 5th May 2013 at 1:30 pm. This reports have been taken from a testimony included in the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) database that was published on 6th May 2013.

The witnesses were at the golf course in Oakville when they spotted the orbs. Their report gave description of “spotting one hovering orb that began to move left to right, disappeared for a second and then appeared, left to its original position with another orb and was also moving in different directions”.

The eyewitnesses tried to analyse by looking in the sky for some time to distinguish what they had just seen but they could only see birds and planes but nothing that looked like the orbs that they had seen few moments before. They said, “It was incredible; it just disappeared in the daytime sky afterwards.” They were transfixed at that moment and could not record anything as they were shocked at what they had seen.

Many similar UFO sightings have been reported regularly by The Canadian.

It looks like the aliens have taken a liking to Canada and they want to discover more of it.

Dailymail.co.uk had reported some months ago that sixty-five years after the infamous Roswell incident, there have been a record high number of UFO sightings in the northern part of the North American continent.

On 7th July, 1947, a spacecraft had crashed in a ranch near Roswell in New Mexico and since then, this incident has carried much controversy.

The Ufology Research Group has reported nine hundred and eighty six sightings across Canada in the past year. This number gives an average of almost three per day. The report that came out as `Canadian UFO Survey’ stated that majority of the sightings were aircrafts or lights. However, eight out of the close to thousand sightings were categorized as `high quality unknowns’. Some of the shapes sighted ranged from elliptical to boomerangs apart from the standard spherical.

The increase in the sheer number of the UFO sightings can be ascribed to an awareness that is growing gradually within the people that there are agencies that can help them and gather their UFO reports.

There are many private websites that encourage people to report their UFO sightings. Two such sites are MUFON.com’ and `UFOsightingsdaily.com’.

Are there more UFOs really and physically present in the sky today? Maybe, yes. In addition to these reported sightings in Oakville, there have been some reports that came in from Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada where an eyewitness has reported seeing some objects in the night sky the same day on 5th May 2013.

Thw witness elaborates that, “the objects were brighter when seen at first but grew duller and smaller later.”

Some of the eyewitness quotes have been edited for clarity. MUFON has always requested the readers to be aware that many UFO sighting reports can be accounted for scientifically as a natural phenomenon.

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