UFO: Five Alien-like Entities Hover Around Saturn


Just recently, March 18, 2014, five unidentified objects are seen flying near the planet Saturn.

Scott C. Waring, a UFOlogist and writer, posted up a blog in his website—UFO Sightings Daily—about the UFO sightings near Saturn. In his blog, he posted five photos of the five different entities.

First photo shows a giant disk-shaped hovering near the ring of the Saturn. The second photo shows the other UFOs in the Saturn’s ring. The UFOs in this picture has rings inside the ring. In the center was somewhat the UFO or the orb, encircled by a ring as an extension and another ring which was somewhat its force field that protects them. Scott Waring mentioned in his video blog that this objects are similar to the Tether Incident in 1996 where Space Shuttle Columbia released an experimental tether into space to try to generate electricity through Earth’s magnetic field. However, giant unidentified objects with rings move past the tether and broke it in half.

Waring also mentioned that these sightings are infrared which means that they are not visible to the human eye and that an infrared technology is necessary in order to capture the UFO photo in the Saturn’s ring.

The third and fourth photo shows the same type of object which has two rings that were rather merged into one.

The fifth photo, the last one, looks like a large elongated object. This one is different from the other four UFOs. It is also located near one of the moon of the Saturn, either Titan or Dione, Waring wasn’t sure which one.

These five alien-like entities are not yet confirmed to be of the Alien’s, but Waring said that: “some say Saturn’s moons are a massive space stations  so this may confirm that fact.”

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