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62 Mile UFO Passes Behind Asteroid Lutetia As ESA Takes Photos

A recent discovery of an unidentified flying object in one of ESAs photos has really shocked the life out of many people who do not believe in their existence. The photo which dates back to July 7, 2014 shows some images of a running sliver of a large main-belt asteroid Lutetia right from the viewpoint of ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft. The pictures were taken as Rosetta passed by on its 10-year voyage towards comet 67P/ Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

However, of recent Scott C. Waring discovered some hidden images behind the asteroid.

“This photo I found was of asteroid Lutetia as the Rosetta mission lander flew past it on its way to the singing comet, 67P,” he stated.

“As you can see, I added a lot of light to the photo in order to see the rest of the asteroid covered in shadows, but instead I found a rectangular UFO bigger than the asteroid itself fly behind the asteroid, just at the moment that Rosetta took its photo.”

He is even sure that ESA saw the same thing but chose to cover it up with black so as to reveal a totally different image.

“ESA states that asteroid Lutetia is 100km across (62 miles) and if the UFO is the same size, then it is also 100km across. Makes you want to rethink what we think an alien star ship would be like, huh? Since the UFO is as long across as Lutetia is.”

The spacecraft which flew past Lutetia managed to snap some great photos using its Optical, Spectroscopic and Infrared Remote Imaging System, OSIRIS. It also managed to obtain some valuable spectra as well as maps of the surface temperature.

The outcome has actually helped astronomers characterize Lutetia in terms of its geological features that are scarring the asteroids surface as well as gauging its mass and volume. Thus they have been able to determine its density and composition with regard to the wide range of craters and other physical features around it.


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