Anthony Bourdain: How Manipulative Aliens Seek to Buy-Out Human Souls

It is apparent that manipulative aliens instigated and have sought to preside over our global economic system through the substantively oppressive system of capitalism. Manipulative aliens preside over our global economic system by acting as "gatekeepers" in the ability of humans to achieve a desired success.  Achieving the fame and fortune of someone like Antony Bourdain may have likely occurred at great cost on the "ownership" of his soul in spite of his passion for the truth.

Humans who believe that we're still in search of sentient alien contact have largely no idea how much aliens contact they have in their daily lives.

You may wonder how would we, as humans, unwittingly be selling our souls for manipulative aliens that seek the enslavement of humankind as a focus of their agenda?

The selling of one's soul can often start with the signing of a contract you trusted was okay but you never read.  There was one very clever episode of South Park which actually explored the potential consequences of humans not reading contracts. [video excerpt above]

These contracts with its confusing and verbose language are prepared by lawyers who have been apparently assimilated into an artificial intelligence matrix which uses an apparent convoluted language system which serves their manipulative alien masters.

A CBC's documentary titled Doc Zone referred to lawyers as having the highest concentration of psychopaths of any profession. [video except below].  The apparent alien artificial intelligence (AI) which controls the profession is a likely culprit.

The more successful a human becomes with more money and power like Anthony Bourdain, the more that the human will be confronted with increasingly demanding contractual language created by these AI directed psychopaths.

The human can't understand it because it make so sense as if it's in some vaguely recognizable dialect.  So, rather than read it, they delegate that job to another lawyer under the spell of the same artificial intelligence as the lawyers who created the contract in the first place.  The lawyer works for the human only so far as they don't get into conflict with their AI masters.

These manipulative aliens seek to "fatten" up humans pursuing success with lots of money, power and promises of "wonderful" material possessions like many cars, private jets. huge houses, jewellry and much more.  The human is so busy enjoying the "finer things in life", they have no idea that manipulative AIs have obtained a "lien" on their soul.

The activities that humans perceive as "corruption" on the lower levels of an alien-controlled economic pyramid can be more "rationally" perceived as the humans simply following their orders.  These humans will continue to enjoy the finer things in life as long as they follow the directives that manipulative aliens seek to enforce through the exploitation and oppression of other humans.

Under the prevailing capitalist system, the manipulative aliens seek to maintain control of humans through their lawyers and judges who are promoted from lawyers.

However, sometimes a human like Anthony Bourdain who gets to the top sees the corruption and thinks that they can use their fame and fortune to inspire progressive social change on their own volition.  That is when the human can become subject to the decision-making of behind-the-scenes "alien courts" that in turn appear to preside over public "human courts" based upon expolitics insights.  Dr. Micheal Salla referred to this milieu as that of "MIEC" or more specifically a "military-industrial-complex-of-extraterrestrial interests".  These entitles which are often referred to as "extraterrestrials" are more precisely from a different dimension when artificial intelligence dominates and seeks to control unwary spirtual-biological life in higher dimensions.

Manipulative aliens often apparently orchestrate fake progressive leaders designed to "occupy" and deceive the masses,  However, "the system" does not support humans "on their own" seeking to awaken the masses and arouse our human consciousness from its relative sleep.


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