Conspiracies: Story on Ray Emery's Death Sounds Hatched

Are you like me thinking that the story on Ray Emery's death sounds just a wee bit fishy?

According to the official report from the video above which has permeated the mass media, Ray Emery's death is just a case of "misadventure" and he just dove into Hamilton Harbour and later drowned.  But, if you watch this video and others, did you notice that the media didn't seem to interview anyone who actually saw Mr. Emery drown?  Why didn't the media find all of Mr. Emery's "grieving" friends to talk about the tragedy?  The media aren't even able to question the police who found his body.  The only apparent "face" to this story is one cop giving a very controlled "cut and dry" hatched story at a press conference.

The notable absence of witnesses comes out when we saw such headlines as "apparent drowning".  What that legally means is that Mr Emery seemed to have simply drowned after diving into the water on his own but there were no eyewitnesses to confirm.  But did you notice that the media has alluded to Mr Emery being in the company of friends when he "drowned"?

One thing I can tell you from insider information starts with the fact that Mr Emery was a black man.  Did you ever wonder why you might not have seem any black versions of the late Evil Kanevil?  That's because "black people" don't like going on potential suicidal missions.  Invite your black friends to go bungee cord jumping with you and you wont find many takers.

Secondly, black people don't like swimming and if they do decide to go into the water, it must be at a nice beach like at Nigril in Jamaica where there's nice sand and sun.  And, when black people do go into the water, they don't like the water going too much above their knees; or if they do take their whole body into the water, it should be in the shallow part of the beach.

"Black people" by and large grow up with the socially ingrained idea that "white people" have lighter bone structure and float and "black people" sink.

How many times have you seen black people swimming competitively at the Olympics even though with all the nice warm beaches in the Caribbean you might think that some of the best swimmers in the world would be from the Caribbean and parts of Africa?

So, the idea that Mr Emery, a black man would ever on his own dive in such a questionable body of polluted water as the Hamilton Harbour doesn't sound like something that any black person (and most people in general) I know would do.  When taken with the headlines "apparent drowning" and no friends as eyewitnesses to factually confirm seeing Mr Emery dive into the water, what we appear to be seeing is some kind of apparent racist hatched story as credible as UFOs linked to "Chinese lanterns" and aliens attributed to "crash test dummies".

Hamilton Police have a track record of racism and I wouldn't rely on anything these guys say about a black man.


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