Doug Ford's Regional Transit Idea for Toronto Smart, Yet Completely Idiotic

Ontario's new Premier Ford wants his government will deliver on its pledge to create a regional transportation system, but will first consult with Toronto and other municipalities in the area. Ford says it would be a benefit to Toronto if the province took over the city's transit system, something Premier Doug Ford promised to do during the spring election campaign.

Ford's idea to create an integrate a regional transit system sounds good.  Sure, in theory, the idea of commuters being able to travel from Mississauga to Newmarket to Oshawa and back into Toronto sounds like a very forward thinking concept.  But Ford's idea of basically destroying and replacing the extremely experienced and North American award-winning Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) with a far less experienced and comparatively incompetent Government of Ontario owed system would be a horrific idea. 

I used to live in Thornhill and in Richmond Hill and have travelled on the provincial owned GO system for years.  Have you been on a system owned by the Government of Ontario?  Horrible and disorganized service - Queen's Park bureaucrats don't know what they're doing.

I wouldn't be surprised if Ford's real agenda is to sell the TTC to one of his friends who then tears up the street cars and then cuts service, and then slap the name of "Ontario Government" on this capitalist venture so Ford can make it look like he fulfilled a campaign promise. 

I have a much better idea than Ford's.  Tell me what you think.

The TTC has already been forward-thinking enough to extend the subway into Vaughan which is in York Region.  If Ford was actually smart and not trying to pull the wool over Greater Toronto Area residents, why not ask the TTC to take over and run a regional transportation system.

Yes!  Let's replace the "GO Train" and the "GO Bus" which are pathetically inconvenient, along with all those horrible transit systems in Brampton, Mississauga, York Region and in Durham Region.  The TTC could create separate departmental structures for each part of the region ie TTC York Region, TTC Mississauga and Peel Region, and TTC Pickering, Durham Region and Oshawa.  Each of these regions would benefit from the TTC's many years of experience which would create a regional system which works for everyone in the GTA.


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