Ottawa Police Terrorizes the Poor, Young Black Males and Even the Elderly

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I have a confession to make.

Our Police Chief Charles Bordeleau is a very nice very guy out of uniform.

In fact, he's one of the nicest guys you could ever meet out of uniform.  He's a friend of mine.

But once the Chief gets into his police attire he turns into a devil I must say.

And when the Police Chief turns into a demon that's when law enforcement in our city turns upside down.

My colleagues pick on black people they sometimes refer to as the "niggers", the poor and whoever else seems to be an easy target.

One favourite passtime has been to detain homeless people for no reason and dump them somewhere among the corn fields outside the city.

Speak to any homeless people you find on the street in downtown Ottawa, if you don't believe me.

I asked a friend of mine of the force why she joins in on this.  She told me, "It's just something to do."

Or sometimes we just beat-up people for no reason. 

We have nothing to fear because management at the Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun and other media including large national media like the CBC, CTV and Global all belong to the same "behind-the-scenes" cliques that the Chief belongs.  So there's no fear among fellow officers of anyone getting into trouble unless one of us gets caught on camera.

That's what happened to some friends of mine who got caught on camera beating-to-death Abdirahman Abdi, a Somali-Canadian on July 24, 2016.

But, what motivated me to write this article is the ongoing bullshit by Detective Robert Griffin Jr against Dezrin Carby-Samuels.

While the Chief is a nice guy when he's not in uniform, Robert is just a "nice piece of work". 

Now I too have a mother, like many of you readers out there.  I also respect women.  I cannot say the same for Robert.

This guy has no business being in the force.  I know lots of good and hard working people who work as officers.

Sometimes some of them do bad things.  However, there's small minority of what in my opinion are devil-worshippers that terrorize the public and Robert is one of them.

And when Charles, the Chief puts on that uniform there's nothing that the likes of Robert can do that the Chief won't excuse while he's also in uniform.

The fact that Robert can come to work with the smile on his face that he does while he has tortured "little old ladies" like Dezrin, in my view, could only be done so effortlessly by a sociopath.

On one police call after Robert got Dezrin's son evicted, Dezrin kept asking for her son Raymond before she lost her voice due to Robert's abuse.

Robert couldn't give a f-ck about Dezrin's well being though.  He just wanted to make sure that the son was kept away from Dezrin even though he had been taking care of her and she wanted to keep seeing him.

So I naturally became very curious about WTF is going on with Robert's obsession with keeping Dezrin and her son from seeing each other when they have wanted to.

So a good friend of mine tells me off-the-record - and I can't say this for a fact - that Robert is just doing a "job" for Marcella who is Dezrin's daughter.

Apparently, Marcella wants her parent's house and whatever else she can get her hands onto when her parents die and she doesn't feel like sharing any of it with Raymond, her brother.

So, I said "What?!  Is Robert getting paid for this?"  My contact couldn't say.  But, apparently Marcella who has worked for some shady people in big organizations was able to pull in some favours in her quest for the "Family Estate".

I said "You mean to tell me this Mom's daughter is such a sick bastard?  Dezrin gave birth to a monster."

I felt like resigning from my job right then.  Unlike the handful of sociopaths in the force who run amuck under the Chief, terrorizing, abusing and falsely arresting "suspects" I have a conscience.

Fortunately, having written this article, I can safely say now that I can be more at peace when I go to work everyday.

I hope that Dezrin's gets justice very soon and needed emotional support and medical treatment and that Robert's "House of Torture" that he has been operating against Dezrin for over three years gets the public attention that it now deserves.

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