Why Ottawa's Jamaicans Ignore Police Abuses Against Disabled Woman

I'm a Jamaican living in Ottawa, Canada, and I can't barely put in words just how ashamed I am of my people in this city.

You want to know about what kind of person the typical Jamaican is, read what I have to say -- and know about the place I sought to escape from in my journey to Canada.

Unfortunately, "my people" who have come to this country have sought to keep true to their ways on the island, and that's where my dear friend Dezrin's story begins.

Since April 2015, Dezrin Carby-Samuels has endured unspeakable abuse and assault by her husband and with the support of Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin Jr.

I wished that Dezrin was never born a Jamaican because the Jamaican community is the only community that I know that could ever turn their back on such a woman.

If Dezrin was born from some other Caribbean island, white, South Asian, Muslim or any other community I can think of this would have never have happened.

For starters, my fellow Jamaicans in Ottawa are among the saddest of all Jamaican communities across Canada.

The first thing which worked against Dezrin getting any help from all the supposed Jamaican friends and relatives she has not only in Ottawa, including her cousin in Kanata; her so called "brother" in Richmond Hill and the rest of her extended family in the States is that Jamaicans think that whatever bad happens to you in life happens because "God" wanted it to happen.  Therefore, who are they to interfere in "God's plan"?

That's why there's not welfare system in Jamaica or other kinds of social support there that we in Canada take for granted.

So, as you can see, Dezrin's could never rely on her fellow Jamaicans.

The second thing that is going against Dezrin is that she's not only Jamaican.  She is also a woman.

Many people think that Muslim men are chauvinistic because of women who ware hejabs in their culture and the "shariah" laws.

If you think that, let me tell you about the typical Jamaican man and their place in Jamaican society.

In Jamaican culture, the man is "King of the House" which literally means men can commit routine sexual abuse, assault and torture without neighbours blinking an eye.

When I used to live in a very affluent part of Jamaica in Kingston, the man living in the house beside me would lock-up in his wife in the house so she couldn't leave and beat her up most every day.  Yes, he developed a locking system to do that.

You might wonder how I would know this?

The wife's cries and screams every day and her confessions to me when he "allowed" her to venture outside.

This went on for years until I left for Canada.

That's the power that a Jamaican man has over his woman and even when he's in Canada he expects the same.

And last but not least, the third thing that Dezrin has going against her is that much of her so-called "middle class" Jamaican friends are so busy being paid informants by certain members of the police and other "shadow organizations" that they dare not seek to oppose a dirty cop like Detective Robert Griffin who could seek to cut-off their access to money as paid informants digging-up petty dirt against each other.  How much Dezrin may be tortured by a dirty cop is of no interest to them.

Do you think that Italians, Lebanese and other such communities in Canada would sacrifice one of their own to the likes of a dirty cop?  Of course they wouldn't.  Such communities have too much respect for one of their own - a characteristic which Jamaican don't have.  "My people" have been selling out each other since slavery.

Thanks for Dezrin's husband having connections to local police, he has been able to continue the same kind of assault against Dezrin.

Horace, who is Dezrin's husband, first got Detective Robert Griffin to prevent the son from visiting his Mom since April 2015 even though she desired it.

Within weeks of enduring assault and torture under the supportive eye of Ottawa Detective Robert Griffin, Dezrin lost the ability to walk, talk and write.

When Raymond, Dezrin's son, got social workers from the Nepean, Rideau, and Osgoode Resource Centre to intervene to help Dezrin, Horace blocked them from checking on Dezrin.

And all this was with the support of who I now know is a very dirty cop - Ottawa Detective Robert Griffin.

This low life cop ignored the cries of Dezrin for her son.

Raymond turned to all of Dezrin's friends and relatives in the Jamaican community and they refused to "get involved".

Fred Carby, who is a now retired and formerly prominent dentist who lives in Richmond Hill also refused to get involved.  What a nice guy, huh?

Raymond told me that this was particularly shocking because his Mother told him that Fred made a promise to 'Granny' to promise her to always be there for Dezrin.

But like other Jamaicans, he too repeated that "It's Horace's house so what can he do?"

Raymond told Fred about the note his Mother had wrote him back in April 2015 that "Dad Abuses Me".

Like the typical Jamaican male, he basically reacted "So, what?  Men will be men.  It's a man's right to discipline his wife. It's Horace's house, and, "I won't interfere."

Horace like the typical Jamaican man is violent.  Did you know what Horace did when his son had expressed concern for his abuse against Dezrin?  Back on 29 January 2013, Horace sprung from the kitchen table where he was sitting, and held a knife to his son's stomach.  His son grabbed then knife to protect his vital organs and in the process his little finger was almost severed.  Horace refused to call the ambulance for what he had done and Dezrin was too much in shock.

Raymond had to dial his phone for 911 with one hand as the other hand kept bleeding and was taken into emergency reconstructive surgery.

Horace like to threaten his son and even his wife sometimes with a machetti he keeps in the house that's about one metre long.

Fred's own high regard for defending the place of the Jamaican man "in his own home" was apparently more important than preventing his sister from having been subjected to unspeakable abuse which transformed Dezrin from an able-bodied woman to a woman who began to smell of feces and who was assaulted and abused to the point of becoming disabled from that maltreatment.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels has been wronged by the very community who she has sought to serve having become a nurse after graduating from University College in Kingston, Jamaica.

Dezrin was one of the first black registered nurses to ever be hired by a Canadian hospital after leaving Jamaica in the 1950's.

Dezrin paved the way for the hiring of other Jamaican nurses in Canadian hospitals having worked at hospitals in Toronto, Guelph and in Vancouver.

I am ashamed of the Jamaican community having turned it's back against Dezrin.  I'm ashamed to be Jamaican.

Many people know of Jamaicans as having a culture of great food and with celebrations like the Caribbean festival in Toronto.

But under this facade is a Jamaican culture which turns its back on the plight of their own whether the growing masses of the poor in Jamaican or whether it's a kind hearted person like Dezrin who continues to suffer under the malice of Horace that is being perpetuated by an apparent pathetic psychopath who has no business being a police officer.

I hope in writing this that broader Canadian society and civilized people of the world will call the Ottawa's Police Chief Charles Bordeleau and demand the resignation of Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin for his apparent support to conditions of abuse for more than three years.

In the above video, you will hear Detective Robert Griffin seeking to leave a message for Raymond.  Later, Raymond was assaulted by Detective Robert Griffin in broad daylight at his Kanata home.  The plain clothed Detective Griffin demanded that Raymond not tell anyone about Dezrin's abuse.

So, there you have it folks.  This cop didn't want to stop Dezrin from being abused.  He apparently just wanted to make sure that Raymond who reported the abuse wouldn't communicate that abuse to friends or family.

Thankfully, Raymond ignored this illegal assault and threatening behaviour of this police operative and has sought to defend his Mother from the abuse that he has witnessed.

I also hope that Canadians demand that their local TV and other newspapers start getting the journalists to help spread further awareness of Dezrin's plight.

Thanks to my fellow Jamaicans, Dezrin has become bed-ridden.  She can't run.  She can't hide or escape.

In the above photos you will see what Dezrin looked life when she was still abled-bodied back in April 2015, at what she looked like when she was rendered disabled by Horace's and Detective Robert Griffin's apparent "House of Torture" in Dezrin's own home in Kanata.

My fellow Canadians and other civilized people, let us rally for Dezrin and liberate this disabled woman from her "Hell on Earth" courtesy of Ottawa Detective Robert Griffin and my pathetic fellow Jamaicans which include her own brother and her abusive spouse.

Send PayPal donations to help Dezrin's son efforts to liberate his Mom to agoraottawa@yahoo.com.  Raymond has been waging a court battle for more than three years with absolutely no support from Jamaicans including her "loving" brother Fred Carby who has turned a blind eye to the situation.

You can hopefully help make a different.  No donation is too small.  Even $1 would be very much valued as a show of support.


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