Anti-Aging: Watermelon helps dieters


Watermelon has a high nutritive value and it is good for our health. Because of the antioxidants which it contains, the watermelon has an anti-aging effect. 

Among the many properties that this fruit has, most of the people do not know that it prevents the macular degeneration, a disease that brings the destruction of the central view. The watermelon is part of the Cucurbitacea family. It is rehydrating, because of its high water content and full of antioxidants, like: vitamin C, carotenes and lycopene, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains B1, B6, magnesium and potassium, according to the nutritionists.

Potassium is a mineral element which helps maintain your blood pressure, regulates the heart beats and prevents heart attacks. One slice of watermelon each day can prevent heart diseases and gaining weight, according to a recent study published in the Daily Mail. The researchers have made tests on mice, which were kept with a fat diet and they discovered that watermelon slowed the speed of accumulating the LDL (Low Density Lipids). 

The LDL is a form of bad cholesterol, which can lead to clogged arteries and heart diseases. The researches from the Perdue University, of the United States have also found out that when being consumed regularly, watermelon helps control the weight and reduces the fat deposits in the blood vessels. It has also discovered that it has a strong impact over other risk factors, from the vascular diseases, like the fat diets, sedentariness and smoking. 

If losing weight is at the top of your list and you are sick of those drastic diets which do not work for you, you want to lose the extra pounds, easily and healthy, then you should definitely try a simple diet with watermelon. This diet does not imply the replacement of the main meals with watermelon. However, this fruit can be eaten whenever you feel like eating something sweet, or you just want to grab a bite. 

You can also eat watermelon before the main meal and this way you will not feel the need to eat much during the day. This diet also implies replacing the carbonated drinks or the juices which contain high levels of sugar, with watermelon. The specialists recommend drinking a cocktail with watermelon, water and ice, instead of any other drinks, even instead of lemonade with sugar.

A tip for men: watermelon has a high content of Arginine, which prevents erectile dysfunctions and lowers the blood pressure. It also produces nitric oxide in the organism, which is a component of Viagra, used in order to prevent erectile dysfunctions.  

It is important for everyone to know that watermelon is a fruit that, besides being sweet and tasty, is also a piece of health. Eat one slice and you will notice an improvement in your life. You can slow the process of aging, prevent heart diseases and even lose weight with this amazing fruit! A piece of energy on your table every day and you will notice the difference!

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