Xcheaters.com: Cyber talking or Cyber-Stalking – Learn the Difference

Dating websites and lonely singles are ‘made for each other’ kind of stuff as without one the other is useless. The weird world of wires (internet), offer ample of platforms and innumerable opportunities as perfect solutions to this hackneyed loneliness. Although, we are becoming increasingly dependent on these web-portals, applications, messengers and social networking websites, yet very few of us are aware of the thin line that exists between cyber talking and cyber stalking. Let us give it a try; let us not be a pervert; let us not be in the list of sex offenders and let us not stake our relations and reputation.

Dating on internet in an ethical manner is more likely walking on a thin rope balancing self with a bamboo stick; where a mere shift of weight to the wrong side will for sure make one to taste the ground. While dating on internet, one needs to hold the cited bamboo-stick of ethics with complete concentration and tightened grip. Intriguing someone is not a rocket-science but one must understand the altitudes, latitudes and longitudes of it; a miscalculation means disaster.

Before trying your luck at any online-dating website, you must finish your homework about certain not-to-ignore concepts. Do not overlook the importance of legal, social and ethical limits, because allowing self to skip any of these means inviting negative waves, stigmas and unwanted actions. To befriend anyone without being aware about the cultural values that he/she follows is believably not possible. One must learn the difference between being a Kino and Uno (Numero Uno – Number One). To learn something about IOIs (indicators of interests) and DHVs (demonstration of higher values) is highly recommended. Most importantly, without having an in-depth analysis of self and the person to-be dated, one should resist himself from making any move.

One should always refrains himself from using any illegitimate login information like fake ID, fake photo, made-up contact details and wrong prolife. Dating may means things may go slow and one should not jump to the conclusions (asking her for physical intimacy) immediately while in case of other beauties, one needs to act like PUAs (pick up artists), because they hate to wait. The researchers also concluded that most of the online dating so called champs face the music because of their wrongly chosen words. Truly said, “One can make fool a person all the time, one can also make all people fool one time, but one cannot make everyone fool all the time.” The way you introduce yourself through a profile, actually and eventually decides your destiny. To show excessive greediness or neediness results in false misconceptions, thus avoid expressing yourself as Elvis if you are just a road-side singer; precisely, be real and show your mirror image. Always remember, we all know that, “We are what we hide.”

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