Online Dating: Four Essential Tips for Guys

How many times have you guys ever been on to an online dating service or site, only to realize that things aren’t exactly going your way? You start talking to a bunch of girls, you meet up, you think everything is going right and in the end of it all, nothing materializes and you are in exactly the same place as when you first started. It can be a very frustrating time, especially if you have had to pay for a membership. Perhaps you need a little helping hand to guide you on your way? Thankfully, we have compiled a very clever list of tips that could potentially help you to find love!

One – Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket, so to speak. You may think that using a paid online dating service is the only way forward, especially if money isn’t really an option, but be honest with yourself – does it really matter if the website is a paid one or not? Perhaps it is time to shop around, as such, and sign up to a whole bunch of free ones, rather than one paid one in particular. You will often find that many of the women are signed up to more than one anyway, so you could just be wasting your time by using the paid ones anyway!

Two – Be respectful! You might think that what you are doing is a cheeky bit of banter, but to the lovely ladies that you are hoping to meet, you are just being downright rude. It is OK to have a little flirt, but to be too full on is just a recipe for disaster. Be polite, be respectful, and try not to be too sexual unless she has already opened that doorway. If it is meant to be and the two of you are right for each other, it will get to the sex eventually; there is no need to rush it right from the bat otherwise she will think that, that is all you are looking for.

Three – Answer EVERY message, regardless of how much of a “dog” you think she is. Girls talk, and there is a good chance that the girl you ignored is the best friend of the girl that you are trying to date. Be polite to all members, especially those that message you first, and at the very least send a message back saying that you are not really interested. This will earn you brownie points in the long run – trust us!

Four – Be yourself! You might think that she is looking for a stud that has more arrogance than a movie star, but in reality, those guys just don’t interest the ladies in the long term. Be nice, be respectful and above all, be honest. If she is meant for you, and the relationship is meant to go anywhere, it will happen and you won’t need to lie about it!

I guess what we are trying to say is to just think about what it is that girls like, and if you really have no clue, you should probably be researching this before you start your online dating quest. Girls don’t like to be backed into a corner, especially if they are looking for the right guy, so don’t be too full on in any respect and just be patient – it will happen for you too!

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