Transgender Women: Top Seven Online Dating Tips


It can be hard for a transgender woman to make a go of things in the world of online dating. There is the whole honesty policy to think about for one – do you tell them that you are transgender? Do you wait to divulge that kind of information? It can be a minefield of questions; a minefield that we hopefully, can diffuse for you!

    Why not try one of the many transgender dating websites out there first and foremost? If you are not sure of how and when you should let the information slip that you are, in fact, a transgender woman, it can be hard to know how to broach the subject, especially if you are completely new to the world of online dating as a whole. The transgender dating websites are specifically catered for people just like you, and just as you would join a Christian dating website, or other specifics, there is one out there that will perfectly match your needs.

·    Remember – there is no “One size fits all” website out there for you. Just as other people like different things, you should not be stereotyped as per your male/female relationship with yourself. You will need to go out there with an open mind, and remember that as well as good experiences, there will also be bad ones, and this applies to all dating.

·    Don’t always run to a dating website to help you in your quest to find love – it can happen any place, at any time, and you will find a lot of transgender love stories actually begin in a forum. This means that you should check out these places, and think of them as the perfect place to meet likeminded people. When you think about it this way, there is a lot of logic in the thinking that a love story will happen.

·    Go at your own pace. This applies to any dating scenario, whether it is online or otherwise. If you are not comfortable in telling your date yet; don’t tell him (or her) There are no set guidelines to how you should handle this approach, or if indeed there is any need to tell your potential partner at all at the beginning.

·    One good thing to remember is that eventually, you will have to tell your potential mew partner about your sexual position. You may think that it is easier to forget about and worry about later on, but in reality, there are more than a few situations where you are going to have to tell them. It is always better to be honest right from the get-go!

·    Before you jump right into the dating scene, do some research. There are plenty of forums out there with helpful hints and tips on how to deal with dating, how to tell the person that you are dating, and much more besides. It is wise to look upon these forums for helpful advice, as well as to meet potential new partners, and you may learn a thing or two, especially if you are a new dater.

·    Remember that the person you are going to tell about your transgender situation is not always going to be as open to the idea as you are. This is something that although is not fair, is common practice and is often the case for many people – gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, cross dressers and much more besides. Remember not to let these things get you down – rejection is going to happen, regardless of your gender, sexual orientation or position!

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