Book Self Publishing: Top 7 Ways is better than Create Space for Writers

Gone are the days when the idea of becoming a published writer was seen to be solely for those few wealthy people in the society. A lot of genuinely talented and gifted writers were therefore allowed to waste away due to the lack of funds to employ the services of the very few publishing houses that were in existence by then. However, latest trends and technological developments have made it very simple and easy for writers to get their works out to their readers without the need to spend a fortune. This has been made possible through the introduction of Book Self Publishing sites.

One of such sites that has been offering writing the chance to self publish their books is but a lot of writers have been making the mistake of trying to compare this site and Create Space. Although these two sites offer the same self publishing services to writers, at, they go the extra mile to ensure that your book gets published with a truly professional multi-million dollar look. Below are the top 7 ways is better than Create Space for writers;

Customer service support: At, they always make it their goal to see to it that each and every single writer is provided with the necessary support and assistance that he or she needs in order publish a book that is of the highest quality. Their customer support team are among the friendliest and always willing to give a listening ear to problems that you might be encountering with regards to publishing your book.

High quality typesetting services: Typesetting is a very essential part of publishing a book and makes it their objective to ensure that each and every one of their writers are provided with typesetting services of the highest quality. This is something that can never be found at Create Space as they view typesetting as a not-so-important part of publishing a book.

Production of quality books: Whilst Create Space goes with anything that you the writer put forward; on the other hand goes the extra mile to make sure that your book really meets the highest standards. This enables your book to achieve mass marketability without much effort.

Distribution services: When it comes to the issue of distributing published books of writers, provides its writers with quality book distribution services which are totally non-existent on Create Space.

Marketing services: also provides writers with marketing services that makes it possible for a particular book to be able to get a greater number of copies sold. However, this is a service that is lacking on Create Space as writers are left to market their own books.

Individualized services: Whilst Create Space provides its services to writers based on general assumptions, on the other hand renders their book self publishing services to writers on an individualized basis. This means that their services are always tailored to suit the specific needs of a particular writer.

Affordable services: also offers its services to writers at very affordable prices which is the complete opposite of what happens on Create Space. This means that writers do not have to be very rich or financially sound in order to seek for the Book Self Publishing services of

These are just some of the ways which proves that is really better than Create Space when it comes to providing quality book self publishing services to writers. Seek for their services now and watch your writing career move to a whole new level in a very short period of time.


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