All You Need to Know about the Premier League – and How to Place Winning Bets

The English league – the top of the top – is watched by millions of people, for pleasure as well as for the excitement of placing a little wager now and again, and there are millions of bets placed on the English Premier League every time there is a match. In fact, it’s broadcasted to more than half the world; it’s a pastime more and more football fans indulge in. The beauty doesn’t just lie in the expertise in which the players and teams confess their profession, but also in the stimulation they cause in discussions and analysis.

With so many gamers and people who like to place bets, it’s not surprising that there’s a healthy betting industry around it, and it’s not always easy to know which advice to follow, and which industry analysts to believe. Here’s all you need to know about the Premier League – and how to place winning bets.

How it works

There are 20 teams, and they each pair up with each other twice (once home, and once away), which means they play 38 games each. Each match gives the team points; if they win, they rake in 3 points. A draw gives them 1 point, a loss 0. The rules are simple – the team with the most points after the 38 games becomes the champion. The second and third teams qualify for the Champions League; the fourth and fifth spot qualify for the Europa League.

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The history of premier league football

In 1992, those teams competing for the English First Division broke away from the Football League, and this formed the Premier League. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, but due to sponsorship, they finally got there (after having gone through various titles since the start). It started with a 24 team League, which was eventually reduced to 20 in the 1994 - 1995 season.

On betting wisely

We could give you a lot of tips, but here are the most important ones:

  • Look for value – you may have good odds of winning, but is the payoff worth the risk?
  • Be a specialist – focus on a few teams and get to know them inside out.
  • Record and learn – you won’t get it right consistently without study. Write down your reasoning and learn from your mistakes.
  • Have multiple accounts – some bookies will give you better odds.

Beware of the so-called experts who try to sell you a tip and guarantee that it’s the best advice you’ve ever received; that’s like a stock broker trying to sell you company shares – they don’t really care whether you make money or not, they’re looking out for their own platform. Study the game yourself, and play it by your own rules. It takes some time, but with due diligence and with a practical approach, you’ll find yourself ahead very soon.


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