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Extraterrestrials: Military jets follow UFO activity over California

Fewer than 1000 souls live in Mendocino, California, but they are used to seeing stars.  Numerous movies and  whole slew of episodes of the TV show Murder, She Wrote were filmed there, giving the residents of this small coastal town the opportunity to rub shoulders with the glitterati.  But recently, they have been seeing stars of a different sort.

On October 25th, 2012, The Canadian reports that Dave Williamson provided testimony to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) that he and his girlfriend were driving north on Highway 1 toward town of Mendocino close to midnight.  “I saw two aircraft blinking in night sky,” he told them, “flying in tight formation.”  He pointed them out to his girlfriend who asked whether they could be refueling. “we’re so close to Fort Bragg,” Williamson pointed out, “that I have seen that sort of thing before.”

This time, however, seemed different and Williamson pulled the car off the road so that they could watch.  “We lost sight of them for a while, then they came back into sight, turning north and passing in front of the Big Dipper.”  Only now there was another object present which they could see quite clearly against the clear night sky.  The object was easily as bright as the brightest stars, but not blinking the way satellites do.

The object moved steadily and then circled to the east and veered south still followed at a distance by the two apparent military planes, whose lights were blinking red and white.  “Suddenly, one of the planes banked right and disappeared from sight,” the report continued. 

“It occurred to us that it might be following a second object, and that the situation was becoming more and more strange.” Williamson admitted that he believes in UFOs and stays in touch various Disclosure Projects. 

He also follows conspiracy information and claims that he is familiar with various sighting of "unidentified flying objects".  “Eventually, the object started to fade, and after about 5 seconds it was gone.”

Later, the pair stopped at a local pub and discussed this weird phenomenon with some folks there.  “Someone suggested that perhaps it had not faded away, but instead left at high speed in the opposite direction,” Williamson said.  “That could be.  It was hard to tell how high they were – the object and the aircraft.  And all was totally silent.”

“It was spooky,” his girlfriend added. “When the object flew off, or disappeared, whatever, the single plane just continued south in the direction of route 101.  That’s it.  That’s all we can tell you.”

That is often the way with these sightings.  Sometimes explanations are offered, sometimes there are no explanations.  So far no one has come up with ideas for the Mendocino UFO sighting, leaving us to wonder just what those two air force plane pilots had seen.

More information: http://www.examiner.com/article/military-jets-follow-ufo-activity-over-california?cid=db_articles


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