UFO: Moon harbours aliens claims Florida witness


What did an Osprey, Florida witness report to NUFORC?

The witness was taking photos of the moon with a Kodak M1063 when he noticed in one of the pictures that there was a face of what appeared to be a gray alien, as if it were a large (holographic?) projection. This all seemed very strange, so he looked at the photo closer in a Photoshop program where he was able to enlarge and clarify the picture. What he found were several objects, most notably a very distinct large alien looking face just to the right of the moon. He also noted what looked like a train of cylinder ships flying about the upper right crest of the forehead of the face, forming a semi-circle formation. He could also see a ‘Burr Tree’ shaped craft, and a Saturn shaped craft. He also noted that night there were several silent aircraft crisscrossing the sky with lights what seemed to him to be military aircraft, as the local airport was closed at the moment.

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