UFO fleet flies past International Space Station


A fleet of UFOs has been observed flying past the International Space Station (ISS) according to a UFO magazine. These objects were sighted on 28 Feb, 2013. The magazine has included a report of the incident.

The UFO enthusiast, who created the report, also mentioned how NASA has not disclosed such information to the public, as has been unable to explain the nature of these sightings. Only additional research will help us understanding the nature of these sightings.

The Canadian is willing to do more research in this field, and inform the people about these sightings. However, we do not have the required funds for supporting such research. UFO readers have donated less than $30 to such research out of a needed $5000, and that until there is much more support, there will continue to be a lack of financial resources.

There is less than seven days left to make a donation toward UFO-related research, so click the above donation link, today.

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