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UFO: Glowing orbs travel to Sun

Eight glowing orbs were seen traveling towards the sun Over Texco, Mexico on 16 March 2013, as reported by a UFO magazine. The report included an image of the orbs, along with a YouTube video posted by an eyewitness. The magazine also included an eyewitness report of the witness.

Only additional research will help us to reveal the truth behind these orbs.

The Canadian is willing to do more research in this field, and inform the people about the true nature of these objects. However, we do not have the required funds for supporting such research. UFO readers have donated less than $30 to such research out of a needed $5000, and that until there is much more support, there will continue to be a lack of financial resources.

We encourage our readers to help The Canadian so that we can continue our research.

Click on the red donor link, which says ‘Paypal Donate Now’ and help us in our endeavour. 


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