UFO: Orb shocks Oakville, Ontario golf players


What did golf players see over Oakville, Ontario, Canada at 1:30 PM on 5 May 2013 that was reported on the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON)?

On the golf course, spotted one hovering orb that began to move left to right and was hovering, disappeared for a second, then appeared left to it's original position with another orb and was also moving in different directions.

We looked at birds in the sky, planes, nothing looked the same. It was incredible, it just disappeared in the daytime sky afterwards, we were too shocked and transfixed on the object to record it.

Toronto is at the edge of an area that some UFOlogists have been
dubbed by Jay Gorlay as the “Great Lakes Triangle”. This area has been
documented to have usual UFO sightings that some researchers have linked
to an underground alien base [watch below video].

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