Städel Museum Turns Skylights into Works of Art

The renovation at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, has turned skylights into works of art. The garden area has been completely transformed to include a gallery underneath the lush green lawn. The Schneider+Schumacher firm was in charge of the project and added a subterranean gallery to expand the museum. The green roof is environmentally friendly and beautiful. The renovation has earned rave reviews from both critics and frequent visitors.

The architects added 195 skylights to the garden area that still allow visitors to walk on them. The glass is strong enough for people to walk on every day. Each skylight ranges from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters and is used to illuminate the gallery under the garden. However, the Städel Museum does not rely solely on the skylights for light in the exhibit area. There are LED lights installed in the ceiling to give more options while maintaining the energy efficient stance of the museum. The LEDs can be controlled to limit or increase lighting in different parts of the gallery.

The Städel Museum is inspiring more homeowners to install their own skylights to achieve similar results. It is not necessary to build a subterranean gallery to enjoy the benefits of natural light in a house. As long as a professional service is hired to install the skylights, the dazzling effects achieved at the Städel can be replicated on a smaller scale. The only requirement is the proper installation of LED lights around the skylight and a control panel to change them. 


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