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Seeking for a website to buy original artworks? Buy original art online at Charles Saatchi, a famous British art collector, once said "I primarily buy art to show it off". He may not be an artist be he does love art. He has great passion for it that he enjoys collecting them and showing them to the world. He was the owner of Saatchi Gallery—wherein he exhibits the artworks that he collected—until he donated the gallery in 2010 together with about two hundred artworks to the British Public. Saatchi Gallery showcases the artworks of artists all-over the world that were not yet exhibited in the UK. They aim to develop the careers of these artists, including those undiscovered yet. In the year 2006, Saatchi Gallery established an online gallery called This online gallery is for artists to showcase their works and for art lovers to be able to find the artworks that they want.

All of us appreciate artworks but we only have different tastes. Each of us has our own preferences in style. Thanks to, for their diverse collection of artworks that are sorted according to the style or subject. This makes it easier for us to scan through the collections that interest us.
Here are some paintings and photography works that are exhibited in the website:

ddThis painting is called "Perchino Borzoi II" by Claire Moore from United Kingdom. The subject of the picture is a Russian Borzoi hound. This breed of dog is usually described as of elegance and of royalty. During the Russian revolution, Russian Czars (or Tzars) use this type of dog to help them with their hunt. This is why after the Russian Revolution, people hated this dog because it symbolizes the Russian Czars and their hunt. As a result, plenty of Borzoi hounds were killed until almost extinct. The name Perchino is a bloodline owned by Romanovs. They were also killed after the revolution. Now, there are no original Borzoi hounds that exist.
"Super Future Kid" by a visual artist called Super Future Kid. The artist sees his works as dreamlike reality; where there is the feel of a childhood and as well as adolescence, full of wonder and surprise. He enjoys playing with his imagination and paints it into a picture for people to show.

"Revealing the Truth – Vincent Van Gogh" by Tadao Cern.
This is a recreation of a self-portrait painting of Vincent Van Gogh done by him. The photographer called out a friend who mostly has the same features with Van Gogh. After taking a few shots, he then did a lot of editing and digital retouching to make it look close enough to the original painting. Then Voila! The photo goes viral and so as the photographer’s joke of the story behind the photo.

More artworks to be seen in the website. If you’re an artist, you can even have showcase your works. For more details, visit the website.


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