Fantastic Innovative Designer Ways to Use and Display Your Photos

Photographs are history, memories, special moments, and emotions suspended in time and preserved in a two dimensional plane for us to look at and always remember. Most people take loads of photographs and everyone has at least a couple of photos that they want to store and or display forever in unique ways. This is because the pictures are of people we love, of special events, of beautiful place, attached to some emotion in us, or they are just beautiful works of art.

I present to you 5 innovative and unique ways to frame and display your photos.

  1. Use your photos as wallpaper: Create your own custom wallpaper with anything ranging from one picture to a collage of many pictures and use it as a backdrop in your room. Just get in touch with any wallpaper manufacturer around you and put in a request to get one custom made for you. You can make the wallpaper black and white to provide a contrast against a room with bold and vibrant colours or full coloured to contrast against a room with neutral tones. This is about my favourite way to display photos.

  2. Bed Spread: I am a sucker for things that will literally stare me in the face with their cuteness so of course I like the idea of pillow that is a collage of sweet pictures. You can get custom made photo collage photos, this way when you are missing someone, you can stretch across the bed or the couch and give them a hug.

  3. Contrasting Frames: One of my favourites when it comes to frames is to use contrasting frames. Place black and white pictures in frames that have bright and bold colours or place pictures with bright colours in black and or white frames such as these white picture frames from Best4fames To take this a notch higher, you can mix this up with a photo clock approach. Pick out twelve photos, six black and white ones and six full coloured one and frame them as described earlier in the bright frames and the black and white ones respectively. You then go ahead to arrange them with each picture representing a number in a clock, put a an actual clock, a very simple one however, so it does not take away from the beauty of your photo clock, in the centre of your newly created photo clock and there you go.

  4. African fabrics: This one here is another of my favourites because it uses African prints. You can create the fabric frames yourself, all you need to do is purchase some African fabric and wood frames of any design you want, cut out fabric in the length and shape that will cover the wood frames, just glue them on and you have your African fabric themed frames.

  5. This last one is a mix of different framing and display ideas. I call it the staircase canvas photo collage. To do this, you will be using canvases as frames, get as many as possible based on how many pictures you want to use and glue a picture on each one. Next step is to hang and arrange them to form about four to five collages of different shapes and sizes on the staircase wall. I particularly like the idea of using the staircase as a picture gallery because in the first place there are not a lot of decoration pieces for staircases, more too often the staircase area lies bare. Also it gives your guests something to look at while making the trip up the stairs. If you do not have a staircase, one of the walls in your house will do just fine.

You will have a lot of fun using these ideas and they will give you much satisfaction when you are done  


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