SEO and How You Can Utilize It For Your Law Firm

The digital age has made search engines like Google one of the most popular ways for potential clients to find a business. Because of this, most law firms have taken advantage of search engine optimization opportunities to reach a wider audience. Despite the oversaturated market, dNovo Group, law firm marketing agency in Toronto shares several ways to earn your spot rightfully among Google’s top rankings.

Technological advancements have made potential clients reliant on search engines to find law firms. It makes sense especially when you think about the convenience it offers. Gone are the days of scouring a phone directory to find leads. Google has made it possible to access information with a few taps of your fingers.

Nevertheless, SEO is not a new thing. Thanks to its growing potential, law firms have invested time and energy into their website and raising their SEO ranking. Because of this, the legal niche has become one of the most competitive branches of optimization.

To keep up with the growing competition in rankings, experts from dNovo Group have shared a couple of tweaks that you can take advantage of yourself to raise your ranking. Nonetheless, raising your search engine ranking will not happen overnight. If you want real change to happen, you have to continually invest in changes that leverage your company’s website while maintaining substantial information for your clients.

Understanding how search engines like Google function is important for raising your ranking. For example, when you search for “Toronto Law Firm”, you will find 20 results on the first page. Most of these results are paid advertisements. If you look closely, there are only 9 results that are organic or what is called “blue links”.

That accounts for only 45% of the first page results. These spots are understandably highly coveted. Consider this, you rarely search for anything more beyond the first page of Google searches. Expect your client to stay on that front page as well.

However, ranking in Google isn’t your only option when trying to gain organic traffic to your website. It is important to adjust your strategy when one outlet is not working and to remain realistic about your goals. Competitive spaces like Google ought not to be your last and only option.

“Utilize keywords aggressively but base them on your intentions,” shares Shamil Shamilov, Senior Marketing Consultant at dNovo Group. Keyword mapping is one of the most ignored stages of optimization. Most companies think that by utilizing keywords aggressively, they will instantly see results. However, that is not true. Keywords should be utilized to drive traffic into your website by catching your clients’ attention, allowing them to discover your website or services and converting them organically.

There are three types of keywords you should understand and take note of:

·          Money keywords – these are keywords that guarantee conversion. IT shows a customer’s intent in searching for your services or business. For example: Hire a Toronto slip and fall Lawyer.
·          Discover keywords – these keywords show your potential client’s intent to learn more about your products or services. For example: Toronto lawyer reviews.
·          Attention keywords – these keywords will let your potential clients know that you can add value to their case. For example: How will a criminal case affect my immigration status?

Investing in raising your rank for all three of these keyword types will guarantee that your organic exposure will rise and increase your organic traffic as well.

Furthermore, keywords and content shouldn’t be your only focus. On the technical side, it is important to make sure your website delivers results fast and efficiently. “It is important to optimize your website’s structure to rank higher on search engines. Google will boost your rankings faster if your navigation and URL settings are clear and organized,” says Sadaf Ahmad, Head of Development at dNovo Group.

This means that you have to optimize your URLs to make it easier to locate. You may not know it but your links are a prime real estate for keyword usage. Utilize it and raise your rankings organically while keeping your website structured and easy to navigate.

Website optimization also comes with its own set of challenges. Due to the nature of business in Law, clients gravitate toward companies that look more professional and reliable. This means you need to invest in the look of your business as well. This includes organizing a coherent branding plan from your company colors to the font you use and the logo you utilize.

It is also important to solidify what brand experience you want your clients to feel. This means choosing between a friendly personality or more formal no-nonsense tone when posting content and interacting with potential clients. This can be achieved by creating a “client persona” profile, which will act as your guide on how to attract and interact with your potential clients.

There are multiple methods to raising your rank and growing your traffic and conversions organically. It is important to utilize all available methods in your disposal and not stick to one outlet. When trying to raise your rankings, it is important to remember that your overall competency and success will be determined by the content you put out and your ability to sustain your brand’s identity.


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