Google to Clampdown on Discourse of 4G/5G Wireless Health Effects

Hiding behind the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Google recently announced that it would censor any discussions linking the 4G/5Gtechnology to any negative health effects. Similarly, other social and mainstream media, are also taking part in the movement to clamp down on a so-called conspiracy theory linking the 5G technology to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Big telecom corporations are capitalizing on this rumour to stifle the fact that there is enough documented evidence to support the claim that wireless installations are indeed harmful to health.New York Timesand CNN described these claims as baseless, despite the glaring evidence.

According to an Instagram post by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. a strong critic of vaccination and also the founder of a nonprofit advocacy organization known as Children's Health Defense (CHD). “MSM news reports consistently target me and Children’s Health Defense even though CHD has rejected the 5G causing the coronavirus hypothesis as unsupported by peer-reviewed science”.

In an article published on Scientists4Wiredtech, Kennedy insisted that the media redirect their focus to other negative health impacts caused by the 5G technology, “Conversely, over 4,000 peer-reviewed reports describe myriad injuries from wireless exposures. A 2018 Federal (NTP) study blames wireless for cancer and DNA damage. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) links Wireless to brain tumours. The Data/Telecom Robber Baron’s are apoplectic that CHD’s lawsuit against FCC threatens the wireless future, and at our campaign to stop 5G’s quarantine deployment.”

In a bid to justify its crackdown, Google said that it will ban advertising on such terms and keywords that relate to "misleading health claims" about coronavirus and 5G wireless networks.

The search giant insists that the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has established “absolutely no risk to public health." On the contrary, just recently in Turin, Italy, an appellate court ruled in favour of a telecom executive. The court ruledthat the excessive, work-related use of cell phones caused the 57-year-old employee to develop a brain tumour.

In a similar vein, Instagram and WhatsApp which are owned by Facebook, also said it has commenced the removal of false theories that 5G technology is responsible for the symptoms or spreads COVID-19. Facebook said it's battling a rise in posts relating to the topic, which have swelled in recent days when celebrities and influencers lent their voice in support of the anti 5G propagandists.

COVID-19 “conspiracy”

In Britain, over 30 acts of arson and vandalism were carried out on wireless towers and installations across the country within a month, says a police report. There were also multiple complaints of harassment of telecom technicians doing their job.

The deluge of attacks was said to be caused by the conspiracy “theory” that linked the spread of the novel coronavirus to emissions coming from a wireless 5G installation.

A popular English media personality, Amanda Holden tweeted to her almost 2 million followers that: "5G technology is detrimental to our health," and that, "60 megahertz radiation emitting towers use all the oxygen in the atmosphere causing respiratory problems for humans". The tweet was however deleted later and she said that it was sent in error.


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