Hello Pokemon Go -- Good Bye Couch Potatoes

Teenagers emerged in dozens  from their homes while Pokemons hid around the city.

For the past few weeks, the generation some called "couch potatoes" are everywhere to be seen. Parks, parking lots, restaurants are filled with teenagers roaming around.  The creators of Pokemon Go we're able to force physical activity in this first interactive game. In order to progress , you must walk, rollerblade or bike to add pokemons to your collection.

This game is such a childhood memory for most kids in the 1990's ; all of whom played Pokemon Red/Green/Blue Version, played with cards or watched the show. Users can now re-kindle this fire by finding Pokemons like Charmander, Pikatchu and others while sitting on their porch or walking at school every morning.

The goal is to catch all 151 creatures in the virtual world of Pokemon Go by walking in our own society to find them. It forces the users to explore various area of the neighbourhood and to make them walk a certain distance to hatch ''eggs". These eggs contain a surprise Pokemon which may vary from a plain Ratata or a Bulbosaur . The longer the distance, the better the reward (usually.., there has been some exceptions!)

It also gives purpose to some activities that would normally take a lot of motivation. Running a few KM, taking the bus to work or going to the park with the kids early in the morning no longer looks like such a burden. With the phone app on, you will be rewarded some way or another by either hatching an egg, finding a new pokemon or battling in a gym.

A gym is a public building in your community such as a post office, a church, a restaurant  where you can go to battle other trainers. You will find all kinds of pokemons at different XP levels defending the gym for their team.  There's also what we call "Pokestops. These spots can be found throughout the city and will supply you with pokeballs, raspeberries and potions to help you catch and fight pokemons.  Not necessarily forcing social interaction, it does create a sense of community and of belonging between the players.

This exciting and unpredictable game has provided some insight on how to get through the day for some players . Others are beneficiating from more outdoor activities or social interaction with peers. Like any other game, there's a certain risk involved ; Do not Pokemon and Drive, no trespassing on personal property and more. Guidelines and rules may need to be applied for any younger players out there.

Overall, the game has taught our new generation the benefit of exercising through another means than exercise itself. The long term benefits on the brain, the body and their mindset will hopefully help us all become a stronger community. Pokemon Go comes out a ''winner'' as we unite in this search for Magmar's and Jiggly Puffs.

Picture taken by the Globe and Mail.


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