Ottawa Police Chief Presides Over Human Rights Abuses Against Disabled Woman

In 2015, it was reported that an elderly woman was being subjected to torture by her husband. There were calls for the authorities to make sure that justice was served. However, for over two years now, that justice has still not been served and Ms D still has to put up with her abusive husband.

How things have turned out doesn’t seem to surprise many people. This is due to the fact that when a report was made to the Ottawa Police Department which was headed by Charles Bordeleau, they rather connived with Mr H to forcefully keep Ms D in her house. Ms D's son, Raymond decided to intervene on her mother’s behalf and just like her mother; he was also subjected to threats and was stalked by police officers in plain clothes. But for the timely intervention of a lawsuit, the outcome would have been grave for Raymond.

If not for anything at all, one thing that should have sounded the warning bells for the police was the fact that Ms D happened to be an elderly woman. However, when the beating of a civilian to death by the police is termed as something “careless” by Charles Bordeleau, the Chief of Police, then the plight of Ms D. should be seen as just one of the things that the police are capable of doing. The death of Abdi was an incidence that even had Nathalie Des Rosiers sympathizing with the family in a tweet that was posted on her wall. This act by Des Rosiers was also met by police intimidations that forced her to come out and apologize to the police.

Ms D has now been rendered immobile as a result of the constant abuses that she has been suffering at the hands of her husband and the decision of the Ottawa Police Department’s Elderly Abuse Unit to evict Raymond from the house. For a police department that has an Elderly Abuse Unit, the conduct of the Ottawa Police Department leaves a very sour taste in the mouths of all well-meaning citizens. How can there be such a department whilst an elderly woman has been abused for close to three years now?

The end result of having people like Robert Griffin in the police service is the inability of Ms D. to walk, talk or even write.

For now 831 days, since 20 April 2015, the Ottawa Police Services Elderly Abuse Unit have been maintaining their House of Torture against an elderly woman by forcing her to be subjected to an abusive husband while keeping her cut off from her son and others who have sought to help her.


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