PMO orders Conservative interns to crash Trudeau speech

During a speech on Parliament Hill earlier this month which spoke of  improving transparency within the House of Commons, Justin Trudeau was rudely interrupted by protesters who carried signs and attempted to distract from the speech.

These were not your average protesters, as the Huffington Post has learned, they were in fact Conservative interns ordered by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to attend the conference, carrying signs which displayed slogans from their own attack ads such as “[Trudeau in over his head.”

Althia Raj reported for the Huffington Post June 25th that the PMO’s office obtained the information that Trudeau was going to make a speech via a tweet he had made on Twitter. The interns then proceeded to make the signs, and and try to detract attention from Trudeau.

As Trudeau stood in front of Parliament hill he spoke of his desire to increase transparency for members expenses.

“We are going to make reporting on member’s expenses proactively, transparent, and quarterly, in that there is going to be a more detailed online expense report put out every quarter on member’s budgets.” 

To no fault of his own, it seemed Trudeau was then distracted by the Conservative interns chanting, while holding up their anti-Trudeau signs. It was at this point Trudeau seemed to speak off the cuff directly addressing the attacks.

“One can see why the Conservatives are so worried about the openness and transparency that the Liberal Party is demonstrating, and is serious about demonstrating. They want to change the channel, they want to talk about something else. The Conservatives want to send protesters to distract people. [This] highlights for all of you just how worried they are about what we’re doing.

Trudeau has a point. Going to the lengths of sending interns down to appear as though they are legitimate protesters is an underhanded move on the PMO’s part. What’s even worse is the irony in this situation. What were the Conservatives really angry about?

The speech was about bringing openness and transparency to the House of Commons, and by proxy- the Canadian political process as a whole.  The fact that the PMO’s office sent protesters only damages their image and portrays a party that is against qualities of good governance.

Moreover, the Conservatives have now made it abundantly clear that they are very scared of Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in the next 2015 election, which weakens them as a party and makes their opponent look stronger.   


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