Trudeau government gives $828,000 grant to Wuhan lab linked to Coronavirus

The Trudeau government doesn't have enough money to help redress poverty among people earning less than $5000 per year.

That's the cut-off of his COVID-19 "wage subsidy" plan.  But, the Trudeau government seems to have plenty of money to give to the alleged source of the coronavirus in China though.

The Trudeau government is giving part of an $828,046 grant to a lab in China for a coronavirus research project.

The lab receiving the money is the same lab that US intelligence sources believe is the source of the coronavirus outbreak, reports Rebel News.

On Canada's government website, they provide details on the research grant.

The website documents: “This research addresses the urgent need of rapid point-of-care diagnostics of COVID-19. The collaborative research is conducted by a multi-disciplinary team of virologists, chemists, infectious disease specialists, front-line practitioners, and public health researchers from the University of Alberta, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and Wuhan Institute of Virology (China).”

Doesn't Communist China already have plenty of their own money?  Is this the best way for the Trudeau government to spend our money?

How about giving some of that money to the newly homeless people in Canadian cities that I see looking for food in garbage cans?

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