Border Pact: Canada, what does sovereignty mean to you?

Should Canada continue to be a sovereign nation, or should we, as Canadians simply relegate ourselves into becoming a colony of the United States, in response to the events of 9/11? 

Sovereignty refers to the ability to chart an independent course that is free from external coercion. 

Sovereignty enables the diverse public of a nation to be 'masters of their own house'.  This includes the ability of a people to create the own laws, and control access to their borders.

The Stephen Harper government, along with Parliament in general, has chosen not to give Canadians a substantive say in the consolidation of a Border Pact with the United States. 

We seek to give Canadians a say, who want to be heard, or in this case, read. 

We invite you to submit your perspectives on the border deal. 

If you want to have a say, here's your opportunity.

We are sure that our Prime Minister is still open to reading your views and concerns, even though he has chosen to expedite this Deal with U.S. President Barack Obama.



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