6 ways to beat the post-vacation blues

(NC) Even the most relaxing getaway can be overshadowed by the thought of returning to the daily grind. Did you miss anything important while you were away? Did any of your projects fall behind? How will you ever tackle your inbox?

Fortunately, with a little pre-vacation planning your break with be blissfully stress-free. Healthy-worker.ca, an initiative by Public Services Health & Safety Association, recommends these six ways to beat the post-vacation blues:

  1. Make a status list. A detailed note of everything you’re working on may seem redundant at the time, but it will be a lifesaver when you get back. Listing your tasks (in order of priority) will help you hit the ground running after your vacation and enjoy your break without having to keep everything straight in your head.
  2. Some tasks can wait until you get back, others will need to be handed off. It’s wise to let your manager know (in written form) what tasks or projects were delegated to which coworkers, and the deadlines that were set.
  3. Out-of-office. Even if you plan on checking your work email occasionally, setting up your out-of-office responder is a pre-vacation must. And consider setting the end-date for your second day back. This will give you a little more time to declutter your inbox before responses are expected.
  4. Give yourself a day. Schedule your return at least one day before you need to report to work. You’ll need time to unpack, do laundry, settle in and get your mind prepared to return.
  5. First day back. Like with the email responder, don’t schedule any major meetings for your first day back. It’s too overwhelming. Instead, allow for it to be a transition day. Book an informal chat with your manager or colleagues to get briefed on any changes.
  6. Leave tidy. Make sure your workspace and home are clean before you go. There’s nothing better than walking into a tidy environment after returning from a vacation – and nothing worse than knowing you’re returning to a mess.

Get tips on finding balance and staying healthy and safe at healthy-worker.ca.


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