St Laurent Volvo runs shitshow reveals Better Business Bureau complaint and other reviews

A complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), supported by various other online reviews, has revealed the poor services being rendered to customers at the St-Laurent Volvo dealership.

The dealership has been shown to engage in unprofessional practices, and disgruntled customers are now advising others to steer clear of the dealership either for purchasing or servicing their Volvo—or any other luxury vehicle.

A look into BBB Complaint File #14829945 shows a customer who had dropped off their Volvo at the dealership on September 1, 2020, and is still yet to either receive their vehicle or get a formal statement from the dealership, despite filing a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.                     

According to the claimant, the dealership is a ‘shitshow’ and their scandalous practices need to be exposed so no more unsuspecting members of the public fall victim, as he did.

“It is my humble opinion that this dealership is a shitshow, and I would be highly sceptical about any positive reviews posted based upon our experience, which you will see in our very extensive BBB report,” said the claimant.

The claimant said he dropped off his vehicle at the St-Laurent Volvo dealership on September 1, 2020, for repairs to later get it repainted before winter. However, for several weeks, he kept getting empty promises on when the vehicle would be checked.

“For weeks they kept promising us they would get the vehicle checked. They didn't inspect it until sometime in October. Then they resisted issuing a formal invoice for contemplated repairs like they are some shady garage,” he noted.

Deeps, a representative at St-Laurent Volvo, told the claimant they didn’t want to fix the car after sending a formal invoice that took weeks for the claimant to receive. The report shows that Cliff and Frank, also representatives at the dealership, had promised to inspect and fix the claimant’s vehicle and issue an invoice but failed to do so.

“Cliff and Frank multiple times promised to inspect our vehicle and didn't, and then they took weeks more to issue an invoice that they resisted doing so, and when they did, Deeps then says he wants us to remove our vehicle and we had paid to tow in there from September 1,” said the claimant.

St-Laurent Volvo recently had a change in ownership and is currently being run by new management, and with the constant barrage of negative reviews, it is becoming evident that the company runs the risk of ruining its credibility among Volvo customers.

The Google review section of the St-Laurent Volvo dealership is littered with complaints from dissatisfied customers. One customer, Dr. Smythe, said the salespeople and service desk at the dealership is ‘godawful’ and he has made the decision to never buy a Volvo again.

Another angry customer with the username @Sam Digisphere360 relived his ‘nightmarish’ experience with St-Laurent Volvo. Asides from having terrible customer service, their communication and delivery timelines were very bad, he noted.

“The service I received was night and day different from any other Volvo dealership I’ve been to. It is impressively poorly run. As my calls to the service department weren’t being answered I went in to speak to them in person. My car had been on their lot for almost two days and they hadn’t triaged my issue, let alone ordered a tire,” said Sam.

The clear lack of proper communication between the sales and service team and customers is consistent in most of the bad reviews against the St-Laurent Volvo dealership.

“It is the first time I have ever written a review concerning a service that was provided to me. I wrote this review today to save people from the horrible service I experienced at Volvo St-Laurent. I've never experienced such a horrible service in my life,” said Vincent Gaudreau, another disgruntled customer.

Vincent had taken his car to the dealership when he noticed some problems with his car’s alternator. For days, there was no communication as to the status of the car and when they eventually called, claiming to have fixed the problem, it was still problematic. Vincent’s car now had a faulty alternator belt, which he went back and forth with the dealership’s service department to have fixed.

Other reviews from customers such as Jody Thompson, Claude Brunette, Elain Luo, and Kim Render pointed out how poor the customer service experience was at the dealership. From clueless and rude service desk personnel to impatient and dishonest salespersons and late service delivery times, St-Laurent Volvo is building a negative impression for itself.

There may be more complaints filed against them in the future, with the BBB claimant urging more Volvo owners to report their bad experiences at the hands of St-Laurent Volvo.

“We are going to ask all Volvo owners who have reported a bad experience online of St-Laurent Volvo to collectively report to the local Better Business Bureau unless we get a 75 percent for our trouble and that they tow our vehicle to Canadian Tire in Montreal to fix our catalytic convertor and back, if necessary, at the expense of St-Laurent Volvo,” said the BBB claimant.


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