St Laurent Volvo: Deeps Dossanjh ignores Better Business Bureau complaints

Are you seeking to get your Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar or other vehicle repaired at St-Laurent Volvo / Land Rover Ottawa?

Alternatively, perhaps you're thinking of buying a used car or even a new car there?

Meet Deeps Dossanjh.  He's the manager there.  Apparently, his approach to a mountain of complaints including those issues to the Better Business Bureau in Ottawa is to simply ignore them.

Here are some of the problems that we observed at St-Laurent Volvo / Land Rover Ottawa in our investigation.

1 - Atrociously terrible customer service and rude staff

2 - Hypocrisy and a lack of class.  The staff who is not rude there is downright irresponsible and engages in lies.  This includes saying they will call back and do something and not doing it.

3 - Management there has no standards and practices no accountability in the management of staff.  If you're expecting the quality service of a typical luxury vehicle dealership, go elsewhere.

4 - Inflated prices.  They quoted a price of roughly $3000 to install an after-market Catalytic Convertor which cost $1400 elsewhere

5 - Shady business practices.  A resistance to issuing formal invoices.  It took us weeks to insist on a formal invoice and when they finally did they lost interest in making the repairs.

6 - A total lack of due care and attention to your vehicle.  After many weeks, St Laurent Volvo was only able to inspect the vehicle and has yet to do any repairs after about eight weeks!

7 - Complete and apparent lack of professionalismExpect more from your local lemonade stand.

8 - And all of these problems above has all been made possible by the apparent professional negligence of Mr Dossanjh.

Overall, we would rate this dealership to be among the worst not only in Ottawa but all of Canada.  Their failure to respond to-date to Better Business Bureau representation speaks for itself.


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