St-Laurent Volvo may be the worst car dealership in Ottawa as complaints mount

St-Laurent Volvo is quickly becoming every vehicle owner’s worst nightmare in Ottawa. The dealership has been shown to engage in unprofessional practices, and disgruntled customers are now advising others to steer clear of the dealership either for purchasing or servicing their Volvo—or any other luxury vehicle.

The dealership's incompetence is mirrored on their Yelp page where it has just three reviews, two of which are negative. It’s first Yelp review dates as far back as December 2009, from a user, Farid. S., who described the dealership as “the worst auto service I have ever seen”, the entire review reads; “I own Volvo for 5 years in Ottawa and unfortunately from time to time I have to bring a car for service to Volvo Ottawa at St-Laurent. It is the worst auto service I have ever seen. Customer service quality is zero. They never call you back if you ask them something. Service is expensive, low-quality and slow. In a few cases, I had to bring the car back the next day after the service. Once I sent a complaint to Volvo Canada, and Volvo Canada have not found anything better than answering that Volvo Ottawa is an independent entity - so Volvo Canada does not care what service Volvo Ottawa offers. As soon as I will sell my Volvo I will never buy another one and never will come to Volvo Ottawa.”

It’s shameful to find that over a decade later, the dealership is still in the business of disappointing customers. A 2019 Yelp review from another user, James. C. described the dealership as simply average. It reads; “I have had a few issues with this dealership and there really isn't any choice when it comes to getting your Volvo serviced. From reading online reviews the Carling Volvo dealership is a bit better but it is further from home for me and difficult to get to. When Patrick was working as the service coordinator he was friendly and great as a service coordinator. But it appears he no longer works here. One of the problems with the employees here is that there is no consistency aside from maybe the technicians. I have seen 1 technician Martin here for the years I have owned my vehicle so 5 years. The service does take a bit of time and there is no place to park at the dealership. Overall the service has been average but there are few places you can go to service your vehicle.”

This year 2020, another customer has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB Complaint File #14829945) about the dealership’s incompetence. The customer had dropped off their Volvo at the dealership on September 1, 2020, and as of date, has not received their vehicle or gotten a formal statement from the dealership, even after filing the complaint with BBB.

The claimant referred to the dealership as a ‘shitshow’ and insisted that their scandalous practices need to be brought to light so no more innocent members of the public fall victim, to this business.

"It is my humble opinion that this dealership is a shitshow, and I would be highly skeptical about any positive reviews posted based upon our experience, which you will see in our very extensive BBB report," he claimed.

According to the claimant, for several weeks, all he got from St. Laurent Volvo were empty promises on when the vehicle would be checked.

“For weeks they kept promising us they would get the vehicle checked. They didn't inspect it until sometime in October. Then they resisted issuing a formal invoice for contemplated repairs like they are some shady garage,” he noted.

The claimant is now calling on vehicle owners who have had a bad experience at St-Laurent Volvo to file a report here so that something is quickly done to save other unsuspecting Volvo owners.

“We are going to ask all Volvo owners who have reported a bad experience online of St-Laurent Volvo to collectively report to the local Better Business Bureau unless we get a 75 percent for our trouble and that they tow our vehicle to Canadian Tire in Montreal to fix our catalytic convertor and back, if necessary, at the expense of St-Laurent Volvo,” said the BBB claimant.


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