Xcheaters.com-Reviews.com: Top 15 Flirting Tips

Meeting someone to date is not very difficult anymore, thanks to dating sites like Xcheaters.com. However, when you meet someone, you will need to impress them and for that you need to know how to flirt like a pro. Flirting is a game with its own rules and tricks. A novice can fail very badly. Of course, nothing really bad happens if it does not work out for you but it adds a lot to getting a girl to like you if you are a good flirt.

Below you will find 15 tips that can help you while flirting with your date

1. As usual the first rule is to be yourself and be honest from the start.

2. Keep smiling, be positive and confident. Friendly attitude makes a person feel comfortable with you.

3. Talk about things you know, like and understand. Don’t start controversial and serious topics. Please no politics or religion.

4. Maintain regular eye contact, a bit longer than usual but don’t turn it into a staring contest.

5. Ask them questions to show you are interested in them and that you are listening.

6. Give compliments, but not fake ones. Be sincere, don’t lie.

7. Touch them casually from time to time – on the hand or the arm. Don’t overdo it else it will freak them out too early.

8. Don’t fidget. It will make you feel nervous and it will not make a good impression on them.

9. Read their body language and act accordingly. Show with your body that you are open and friendly, i.e. don’t cross your arms.

10. Avoid saying things like ‘emmm…,’ ‘huh…,’ and ‘hmmm…’ Speak properly. Use proper language.

11. Don’t shift your weight back and force. It also shows you are being nervous. They might even think you are not interested and will abruptly end conversation.

12. Whisper. It is one of the few tricks that get instant attention. Just don’t use it extensively.

13. Don’t stare at other people while you are with them. It is an immediate turn-off.

14. Don’t interrupt them when they are talking. However, if they talk A LOT, find a way to politely change the topic without being rude.

15. Don’t show you are desperate. It will piss them off or scare them away. You want neither of that.

Remember, you have to be honest to yourself, in order to be able to impress someone with your personality.




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