Unvaccinated singles in Ottawa get a new dating site for social networking

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic a few years ago, there have been lots of lifestyle changes, largely due to the impact of social distancing among many other things. Fast forward to 2022, vaccination programs have become more widespread with 79 per cent of the American population receiving at least one dose.

Being unvaccinated opens the door to a whole new world of challenges, especially when looking to mingle with other people. While taking the vaccine isn’t compulsory for most people, those who chose not to take it due to one reason or the other are often felt left out—or in some cases, guilt-tripped into taking the jab.

For instance, in a Vogue report, Kate, a 27-year-old writer living in New York City was unvaccinated but her boyfriend was and this made her relationship with him feel unbalanced as she often felt guilty for being “this baggage that meant he [her boyfriend] couldn’t fully enjoy being vaccinated.” This feeling affects thousands, if not millions, of singles who are looking to find a partner through various dating sites.

For many unvaccinated singles, they would rather mingle with people who share their same belief regarding the COVID vaccine but finding them on conventional social networking sites can be difficult. However, a new dating platform has emerged that solely caters to people who are looking to date those who would rather rely on their natural immunity than take the hastily created vaccines.

This new dating site is open to unvaccinated singles in Ottawa to connect with people from all races and cultural backgrounds without having to worry about discovering an incompatibility down the line due to their varying vaccination status. While a lot of singles were formerly feeling pressured socially to get the COVID-19 vaccines and their boosters to find partners online, being able to connect with real singles through social networking platforms that focus on unvaccinated people feels like a huge relief.


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