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Is Indian Constitution anti-Muslim?

The leading national parties in -- India Congress and BJP -- both have misused the ongoing anti-corruption Lokpal issue and mixed up the threads wrongly by saying that Muslims cannot be incorporated on the Lokpal commission.

Many Indian parliamentarians, among others, have out-rightly opposed inclusion of Muslims on the Lokpal commission as if Indian constitution, prepared by Dr. Ambedkar under the "able guidance” of them Indian premier J. Nehru and his cabinet companions (gangs?) police minister Patel and military minister Menon, et al, and they mean to say the constitution is deadly anti-Muslim. this could be erroneous.

Ambedkar had made use of the services of many big jurists from the imperialist nations like USA and UK in drafting the constitution and they possibly did not think the Muslims in essentially anti-Muslim, growingly fanatic India require special constitutional security so that their future is blocked by the whims of the rulers, bureaucrats, and politicians. Ambedkar failed to foresee what kind of nation India would generate into in 50 years or so when Muslims are denied their basis rights and they become the target of Hindutva fanatics and related terrorists. .

Indian Constitution may have omitted the relevance of uplifting the Muslims who are under the majority control, primarily because Muslims then after the trauma of partition were terrorized by the regime, and media and they did not care about any provisions in the Constitution to protect their rights. Rather, the chief worry of Muslims then was to somehow exist in the country. In fact this concern has not changed even today. In fact, the position of Muslims in this era of bogus post-Sept state terrorism is much worse now. .

However, Indian Constitution has not said anywhere that Muslims should not promoted or included in commissions or committees. The Constitution speaks just speaks about "preferential treatment" to Muslims as a majority, but who cares - the Congress or BJP?

If the Constitution does not give special status to Muslims, if they think so, why cannot they, the parliamentarians who say they are the supreme in India, to amend the Constitution to let it declare a new an inclusive secularist nation- if not democracy - now?

No where n the Indian constitution it is said that Muslims in or in any India-occupied-nation should be persecuted. But it has become an almost pass time for Hindus to insult, injure, terrorize, kill Muslims. How can they do such crimes it without constitutional sanctions?

Is Indian Constitution anti-Muslim?

The root-cause of all evils in India now is obviously the Indian Congress party that has ruled maximum years since Independence 1947. By ably manipulating the Hindu mindset and other global trends like anti-Islamism, anti-Americanism, terrorism, anti-Pakistanism, etc, Congress party its secret ally BJP have been maneuvering every possible thing in the country. Both silently promoted not only devilish state terrorism but also rampant corruption and related crimes. .

Congress plays caste-religious politics and involves BJP through provocative gestures. It has taken the support of bulks of Muslims for granted by generating fears of anti-Muslim Hindutva forces and it uses the extra communal BJP to make Muslims antagonize it and come to Congress fold only to be fully controlled. .

The path of India to reach as one of most corrupt nations on earth is not known to even the innocent Hindus themselves. As soon as India got freedom from UK colonizers, the new regime in New Delhi under Nehru leadership had undertook some "bold' steps indoors and abroad. Bogus Nehru wanted to show to Hindus that from then on India, would exist only for Hindus, and that Hindus are free to do whatever they want; and that the job of the regime would be to shield, legitimize and support all anti-Muslim actions of Hindus. This includes colonial invasion, illegal occupation and brutalities in neighboring Jammu Kashmir.

India’s attitude is very similar to Zionist treatment of Palestinians.

Is Indian Constitution anti-Muslim?

When the pressure of people's leaders led by Anna Hazare insisted on promulgation of the Lokpal bill by the parliament and regime increased, the Congress led Indian regime decided to play dirty caste-religious politics by deleting the inclusion of Muslims from the probable members of the proposed Lokpal. Why should the regime include Muslims first and then remove them? Is it a mistake? – No! It is deliberate attempt c to fool the nation.

Congress decision to play this usual dirty game may have several calculations like state elections, but the major cause is to somehow kill the bill any how by confusing the Parliamentarians and others.

Lokpal wanted to send a unmistakable signal to Hindu voters that this party stands firmly with Hindus and can kick Muslims more forcefully if they vote for the party, show that they are anti-Muslims and Hindus must vote for them.

Both Congress party and BJP vie for majority Hindu votes and more these votes would ensure their victory. Muslim votes only marginally decide the fate of the government.

Like Congress wanting to retain power at the center, BJP as the ultra Hindutva extremist political outfit claiming champions of Hindu causes by opposing even genuine interests of Muslims also is eager to come back to power. Public insults hurled on Muslims and Islam is the core policy of the BJP and its communal allies. Congress party, a soft Hindutva party pretends to be friendly with Muslims only for their vote bank and employs the BJP against Muslims though their parental Hindutva organization RSS.

Congress party openly cannot harm Muslims but uses others to do their “job”

Secret nexus between Congress and BJP has enormously harmed the ordinary Muslims. It is this hidden anti-Muslim link between these parties which ultimately destroyed the Babri Mosque in 1992 when the Congress government allowed the Hindu terrorists to go on rampage over the defenseless Babri Mosque - an Islamic cultural heritage, after a sustained anti-Islamic national campaign, also though the mass media like TV, generating hatred towards Muslims and Islam. That Babri Mosque was built on a temple ruins is a fake argument by a few criminal-minded Hindutva ideologists.

Yes, the Indian state shields crimes by the majorities against Muslims and their properties, though Constitution does not instruct them to do.

Since they do not expect many Muslim votes, the official extremist Hindutva wing, BJP took that as a threat to their Hindu vote bank. But Congress wants to increase the share of Hindu votes so that it could make a government on its own.

But why should these criminalized political outfits use the besieged Muslims as sacrifice goats?

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher. Website http://www,abdulruff.wordpress.com.


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