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India's arrogance continues in Kashmir



The callous attitude of Indian army has taken another innocent life in Kashmir on February 10, 2012. Ashiq Hussain Rather, 22 was killed and army in a brazen manner described the action as an “accidental shooting”. The people on the streets to protest the dastard killing were met with brute force to convey the message of ‘might is right’.

It is not surprising that erstwhile Indian army Chief General Kapur said that India can take on China and Pakistan simultaneously and later another Army Chief General VK Singh boasted about US type operation in Pakistan. The collection of war machines and multiplying the production of missiles and nuclear arsenal at a jet speed is creating “Ashoka the Great” nostalgia of war mongering in Indian circles that the world at large should be concerned about.

On February 11, 2012 Kashmir gave a deserted look as Kashmir observed the death anniversary of their martyred leader Maqbool Bhat who was hanged in India’s notorious ‘Tihar Jail’ Delhi on February 11, 1884 for the crime of asking freedom for his people. The processions were held across the globe to remind freedom loving people to raise their voice against the atrocities committed and the illegal occupation of tyrannical forces unleashing the reign of terror. Maqbool Bhat was killed in retaliation by Indra Gandhi’s government for killing Indian diplomat Ravindra Hareshwar Mhatre in 1984 in Birmimgham, England purportedly by British Nationals Riaz and Qayoom who originally hailed from Mirpur ‘Azad Kashmir’.

The veto power used by Russia and China to defeat a UN resolution (Feb.4, 2012) condemning a yearlong repression on its people frustrated and disgusted the human right forces and USA through its ambassador to UN lambasted and excoriated the two countries for shielding a tyrant.

India in a similar fashion used “Soviet Union’s” veto to thwart any attempt to deliver justice to people of Kashmir. All UN Security Council resolutions, granting plebiscite and right of self-determination to Kashmir, were vetoed by ‘Soviet Union’ allowing India to perpetrate crimes on a large scale for the last six decades. It is regrettable that India is permitted to have the cake and eat it as well; as exhausting the ‘Soviet Union’ friendly alliance is now reaping the harvest of camaraderie offered by USA.

The growing India’s military might is worrisome for neighborly nations Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Maldives who feel browbeaten; intimidated to face Indian hegemony and the only impediment to implement designs that frustrates India is Pakistan.


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my dear friend ur concern for human rights is commandable subject to facts of the case... a terrorist cannot be given rose,if killing of thousands of people in pakasthan,china in the name of power,corrouption,and what not may be given more importance instead of such trivial matter

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