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Carpe Diem: Seize the Day at Ottawa's Lansdowne Park

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Carpe Diem... or "Seize the Day"

An interesting expression but one with many different interpretations.

The process at Lansdowne Park has wasted four (4) years and turned a simple process into an ever more definable mess. The day for our city clearly has not been seized.

The park has a life, it has been public for over 150 years. One could perhaps come to the conclusion that the park, quite simply, is saying "no" to the current plans.

The only clear and decisive manner with which to respectfully proceed with our beloved Lansdowne Park is to hold a 90 day open and competitive process.

No delay with a competitive process

There remains no doubt that having an open and competitive process will not delay development at Lansdowne Park.

Policy on how to develop Lansdowne Park has been established and includes:

-- Stadium

-- Green Space

-- Retail Model

-- Management Model

Any number of firms can and will supply these requirements, and all at substantially better return for our city over the current sole sourced plan.

A 90 day competitive process accelerates development by ensuring best value and by legitimizing any winner.

Less complicated, fiscally superior models with greater societal benefit are available.

Double the benefit to the City

Multi tower shopping centers with condo development are not unique and are ideally located along rapid transit.

By directing the high density away from Lansdowne Park and proceeding immediately to an open and competitive process everyone wins.

The winning results in following this sensible approach are many and clear:

-- The City wins by achieving its goal of developing Lansdowne Park.

-- Developers will win with greater density along new LRT and close to downtown.

-- Lansdowne Park will win with a properly scaled and self financing model.

-- Local small business and farmers will win and flourish at Lansdowne.

-- Tourism will win and increase at a properly scaled Lansdowne Park.

-- Taxpayers will win with no cost at Lansdowne.

Uniting our City and Nation's Capital

Being open to new and better opportunities is a sign of strength.

Let our city unite behind a competitive process that has no downside.

In so doing let us truly Seize the Day!

The Lansdowne Park Conservancy

Conservation du parc Lansdowne

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