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Kashmir - India's frustrable manoeuvres

Indian army continuing its killing spree beat to death Aaqib Ahmed Bhat who it is reported was murdered July 31, 2012 over some altercation. A tanker driver having the job of supplying water to India’s army and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) camps was paid for the services adequately and appropriately.

Yet another cold blooded murder by Indian army

Hilal Ahmed Dar, 19 year old of Badipora Kashmir a cement factory worker known for his piety. While returning home from his day’s job was whisked away to a torture chamber and killed. Army initially said it was an encounter but later backtracked to say that “it was a case of mistaken identity”. Reports Times of India, July 28, 2012.

Paramjit Singh of SikhSiyasat.com July 28, 2012 reports that Hilal was killed in a fake encounter and dozens are injured as army uses force against protestors.

The incident sparked of wide spread condemnation and protests started on the scale reminiscent of 2010 uprising. India´s Defence Minister, AK Antony visited wailing Kashmir to take stock of the situation but the week long shutdown forced Antony to visit the cease-fire line instead as he could not see a soul on the roads except his own army and their bunkers. The protest is still on as India hopes against the hope. Antony, overruling army, also ordered a probe into the killing and as usual this probe, like many others in the past, will eventually be consigned to archives. He also directed army to reduce the visibility of armed personnel and called for "better synergy and coordination among the forces". But it remains to be seen as to how long will India continue with such a state of affairs to hoodwink the world body.

India's Border Security Force (BSF) claims to have unearthed a 400 meter long tunnel dug by Pakistan into Kashmir's Samba district in its Jammu Province which the force surmises could be used by Pakistan to push in infiltrators, reports Hindustan Times, Monday, July 30, 2012. In the news follow up, it is reported that having failed to uncover the tunnel the IG (Inspector General) BSF, SK Mishra is seeking help from other departments with necessary expertise to conduct digging to find out the opening of the tunnel. Indian army has already started excavation in order to reach to the mouth of alleged Pakistani tunnel but due to inclement weather digging had to be stopped. In other words India definitely under the pretext is digging a tunnel to reach Kashmir cease-fire line in the area administered by Pakistan as already reported by Indian media nothing has yet been unearthed. Though the tunnel is yet to be found; India has decided to protest and lodge a complaint with Pakistan.

Hindustan Times has the following few headlines as well:

- Tunnel is new way of infiltration.
- Two Bikers from Pakistan arrested, released later.
- Pakistan soldier arrested in Poonch (district of Kashmir´s Jammu Province)
- Tunnel to Pakistan unearthed along "IB" ("Indian border" in Kashmir)

Pakistan infested with internal political turmoil and terrorism is faced with a serious threat to the survival of the country. Moreover, drone attacks and the volatile situation due to uncertain political condition of neighbouring Afghanistan is a cause of great anxiety. Pakistan having a formidable enemy in India receives alarming bells whenever India is faced with a precarious situation in held Kashmir. It has become a known trait for India to create a controversy and blame or involve Pakistan to divert international attention on the happenings in Kashmir. Under the circumstances Pakistan logically cannot take the risk of fishing in murky waters which it cannot afford and could be suicidal.

Kashmir again sees its young joining militancy

Indian Express.com on July 24, 2012 reported that Kashmiri youth is again joining militancy which is very alarming as Kashmir has already lost two generations of young people who perished fighting the Indian occupation forces. Kashmiris allowed India to grab the initiative and start a serious dialogue with the leaders which did not bear any fruit as India resorted to old tricks of delaying tactics. India, to start with, under international pressure soon after 2010 uprising appointed "interlocutors" to gain time and let the dust settle allowing India to go back to square one. The killing started again unabated and India’s killing machines are reinforced with Israel’s state of the art killing machines which India comfortably boasts about.

The current environs in Kashmir frustrating Kashmiri youth can best be translated in the words of Michael Moore:

"Sometimes people just go crazy from too much abuse and violence and take drastic, irrational measures to protect themselves - All human beings deserve the right to self determination, the right to the ballot, the right to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Individual terrorism is bad enough but state sponsored terrorism is truly evil."

Ban on local media channels

The largest "democracy" of the world believes in banning entry of human right groups, Amnesty International and unbiased international media as it allows it to hide all its atrocities perpetrated on hapless people of Kashmir. All private TV channels have been banned since and a strict control on print media with a threat of dire consequences pays political dividends and India enjoys occupation with a barrel of gun to subjugate, coerce, harass and intimidate the populace. It is surprising that UNSC can see the wrongs done elsewhere but Kashmir seems to be invisible.


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