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US Presidential Poll: Republicans exploit Obama's weakness

Unfortunately, there are no real statesmen in the world today and that is the main reason why the WW-III launched by neocon terror rogues on the name of war on terror and Islam led by Bush Jr and US arms merchants, is still continuing. Americans, wanting to showcase it military power, still refuse to select truly democracy minded leaders for presidential chair and that is the root cause of terror troubles the humanity is facing now.

American politicians and media lords have begun their usual Presidential poll war once again to put n place a hard core US imperialist in power who would advance the US global interests.

Presidents do enjoy absolute power and control the globe through wide ranging networks of agents, including top ministers, policy makers, media nuts, bureaucrats, elites and even intelligentsia. They are guided by the intelligence networks in turn and they often get blamed or credited for the economy when they don’t deserve either.

Like in Europe, economy and finances are in disarray in USA. US presidents usually don’t much influence the economy they just say what is told to them by their advisers. American leaders take all credits for any positive trends but leave the matter to others when things falter.

It is now official. Barrack Obama is seeking re-election on November 6 to White house form Democratic platform. And hawkish neocon nut Mitt Romney has been nominated by the hard core Republican Party for the presidential poll and he has accepted the Republican presidential nomination. Romney did so by making an appeal to Americans disappointed in President Barrack Obama's tenure in the White House, arguing he can usher in the change Obama promised in 2008 but has failed to deliver.

Both Obama and Romney have begun to demand bribes openly from the rich, businesses, multinationals, arms-oil merchants, etc. Romney headed out on the campaign trail last week, with a renewed attack on what he said were the failures of President Barack Obama in trying to boost the country's sluggish economy. Hours after accepting his party's nomination, Romney told a rally in Florida that despite Obama's promises of four years ago, the Democratic incumbent had failed to cut the country's budget deficit or create as many jobs and new businesses as he said he would.

Obama has failed on all fronts as the top global statesman. Romney - a one-time venture capitalist and former governor of Massachusetts - says he can boost the country's sluggish economy with lower taxes and less government regulation. Romney vowed to "unleash an economy that will put Americans back to work" and restore "the America we want for our children."

Romney said that if elected president, he will use a five-step plan to improve the economy and create 12 million jobs. He also promised "less flexibility and more backbone" in global diplomacy, along with "more loyalty" to U.S. allies such as Israel. Romney told voters it's time to "put the disappointments of the last four years behind us" and "forget about what might have been and look ahead to what can be. Many Americans have given up on this president but they haven't ever thought about giving up. What America needs is jobs. In his speech, Romney repeatedly emphasized that his focus would be on creating jobs—reiterating that adding employment hasn't been Obama's focus. "President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet," Romney said, a line that prompted laughter on the RNC floor. "My promise is to help you and your family."

Republicans claim that Obama has betrayed Americans who are now much worse than when took office. “America has been patient. Americans have supported this president in good faith. But today, the time has come to turn the page."

Romney's speech was a bookend to speeches he's given in the 18 months since he launched his second bid for the presidency. But unlike other remarks, Romney wanted to Americans to know that he is soft. He spoke at length about his life and his family—telling voters about the "unconditional love" he received from his parents and has tried to pass on to his own kids and grand kids. Romney's remarks were aimed at humanizing him with voters, who have been openly sceptical of his candidacy .

"That future is our destiny. That future is out there. It is waiting for us. Our children deserve it, our nation depends upon it, the peace and freedom of the world require it. And with your help we will deliver it," Romney said.

"Let us begin that future together tonight." But for peace to take place it must be given a chance and WW-III launched by NATO rouges must stop. Romney refused to talk about this, signaling he would make humanity suffer more if elected.

American Good Boy Image

As a prelude to further intensify cold war with the enemies of CIA, Republican presidential nominee M. Romney took center-stage at his party's national convention Thursday, promising to restore what he called “the promise of America” if elected in November. Romney made his case to be the next president before thousands inside the convention hall and millions more watching on television around the country.

It was the biggest moment so far in Mitt Romney's quest for the White House, and he moved quickly to offer a harsh critique of the man he would like to replace, President Barack Obama.

Without elaborating, Mitt Romney has pledged “to restore the promise of America” and will challenge the Democratic president in November’s election. He discussed his stellar business record and Mormon faith in the prime-time address, the biggest speech of his career.

In fact, Romney only tries to create a good shining boy image.

In spite of great ideas, Romney lacks an agenda. Romney's speech did hit all of those essential points, except that neither he nor the entire GOP convention made a case for his economic policy agenda. He and his deputy nominee Paul Ryan promised to help the middle class, but they never explained other than in passing how they would do it. Romney just decided to leave the policy stuff to the dull wonks on columnists and editorial pages.

Republicans believe that their policy-free zone would do them good. By presenting Obama as a weak president, Romney and the GOP staged the convention intended mainly to “rehabilitate” their political brands, show off a younger and more diverse party. Romney's main challenge is to reassure undecided voters that he's not heartless, scary or extreme. He showcases himself as a gentleman in a shining suit to take America to grater heights. His words show that he's competent to replace directionless Obama whose approval rating remains below 50% and voters maybe prepared to fire him.

In reality, as their central policy, the Republican president, if at all he manages to fool the educated US voters, will certainly loot the middle class and brutalize the poor with spending cuts on everything from disaster relief to Pell grants to food stamps. The ongoing financial crunch would help them with needy justification.

That hidden strategy in itself constitutes a major political gamble from the Republicans bulk of who are multinationals and their supporters promote only the rich, capitalist classes and political donors, as the legitimate owners of the world. Romney pledged he would specifically spur faster growth and raise middle-class incomes, but how - with a magic stick?

Democrats pretend to be pro poor and claim to be better than the Republicans - but that possible in USA? Democrats claim they want to eliminate the special tax favours that the rich can exploit because they have political power that average Americans don't. But how can they promote faster growth and more jobs.

Republicans claim that Barrack Obama is an empty chair and it should be filled up. That is the present level of a president who promised so much to the world and did only that the CIA-pentagon rouges dictated to him. In stead of punishing the state terrorists for Sept-11 horror and follow up terror wars in Islamic world, killing millions of innocent people.

Uncertain World

USA-Israel terror twins jointly can besiege entire world. Pampered by USA, Israel advances its own terror-expansion interests in Mideast by using the USA and EU. will watch from the sidelines and have American soldiers do their dirty work from the sidelines; just like they did in Kuwait! Anyone remember Kuwait? Israel was, so called, not allowed to fight , because it would be a political liability!!! Great ally in the Middle East! World War III ; and all countries involved... yet Israel watched from the sidelines!

The mankind, fully terrorized by the NATO terror wars (WW-III) and genocides, views the American politicians and other leaders performing acts of absurdity on stage with frustration and dismay. Americans and the Europeans seem to lack in any intelligent leaders who can lead for the larger interests, peace and global security of the humanity.

The forthcoming presidential elections in America do not indicate any hope for change in the status-quo of its policies and behaviours in international affairs. However, Obama still has the advantage. That would be like choosing a worse person to the worst. Republicans have the inherent potential to continue to terrorize the humanity and destabilize even USA. But whoever becomes president needs to be held accountable this time around. People forget they don't pay the government just to work for themselves and their associates; they pay the government to work for Americans.

Uncertainty remains the forte of Obama. Unlimited terror war would be forte of Romney.

Had Obama terminated the illegal WW-III in the name of terror war in Islamic world, killing millions of innocent Muslims and ensured peace, he could have now claimed a big share for world peace. But he did not. He chose to defend US imperialism.

With a terror look worse than that of Bush Sr and Jr, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is all out to fix the voters and net them into US terror agenda.

Cutting across the political spectrum the American politicians pursue the interests of the rich and advance capitalism through imperialist means.

US politicians are traders in terror goods and oil. The way Romney made his fortune does not indicate he can rule the nation and world on the principle of equal justice.

After 8 years under the economic destroyer, George W. Bush, (Bush Jr) the last thing Americans want is another pair of Republican politicians who want to take us back to the old days! That is really frightening!

Obama however is not the worst American president ever and in fact every president has been a shameful representative for our country! But it is difficult to spot the best president thus far since there is no difference between them and none has had a real plan for humanity!.


Democrats or Republicans, the two parties permitted in that largest democracy, neither Americans nor the world at large would benefit anything with or without a regime change in Washington. But With the Republican the things can go worse insanity. America requires statesmen like leaders that are in deadly shortage. That is the tragedy of humanity

Politicians world wide are actors and the biggest stage of American politicians is the US presidency. Presidents perform to fulfill their own agendas and promote the interests of the sponsors and financiers of the polls. President Obama's tenure sums up with precision the role and limitations of US presidents- what they can do or achieve and what they cannot or will not.

Sadly enough, B. Obama could have achieved a lot if he really were sincere enough; he could have made the world peaceful and prosperous in some measures if he ignored the ill-advise of CIA-Pentagon extremists. But he did not or could not. Obama chose the Bushdom path of destruction, looting, ruination. Many in the world depend on your leadership which is now waning. The world without positive US leadership can harm the globe, nations, humanity. That is exactly happening.

The Obama excitement as the first ever black US president is over. Romney said there's something wrong with the kind of job Obama's done as president when the best feeling Americans had, was “the day they voted for him." He said Americans "deserved" the "hope and change" that Obama had promised, but because he has failed to keep his promises, he doesn't deserve a second term.

US presidents are exempted from punishment for their crimes against humanity.. The most devastating impact of war crimes by the Pentagon-CIA networks does not make US presidents accountable.

Many swear that neither party will bring prosperity back to this country so long as the special interests of the lobbyists are put first. Republicans will cut taxes on the rich, making them happier. Romney did so little to explain what he would do and how it would help improve the economy. His only references to taxes were that he won't raise them on the middle class and he'll cut them for small business. Perhaps this near-silence is pure Republican political genius.

There are plenty of paid speech makers and terror strategists among US politicians and hardly there any deep thinkers and all they do and say is dictated by the CIA-Pentagon nuts that threaten the leaders under the bogus cover of "national security".

American values by example alone can strengthen their global leadership and help the humanity. Otherwise, they are capable of destroying the entire globe.

Will America quit the imperialist premises for aggression once for all and choose humanistic foreign policy?

Or, alternatively, is the world heading for a permanent war from US led NATO rouges?

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff is a Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: abdulruff.wordpress.com/ abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com.


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