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Kashmiris seeks liberation from India's oppressive rule

Tons and tons of research articles, monographs, reports, and books have been published during the last many years since India accelerated its terror attack on the besieged Kashmiris who still refuse to accept foreign occupation of their lands, oppose state brutalities and  targeted murders and they seek return of sovereignty from the Indian yoke. But nothing has changed the ground reality of state terror situation in Kashmir. State crimes continue unabated in JK notwithstanding international condemnations. 

Stability in any region cannot be ensured not by mere “talks” alone by the powers there. Unless Kashmiris are granted full sovereignty, there is no question of stability of any kind in South Asia. 

Possibly, Indian terror strategists believe that India can continue to dominate the South Asian scene as well the illegal occupation of Jammu Kashmir, so long as the turmoil continues in Pakistan ad elsewhere.  This could be the reasons why India has been pestering the US imperialist regime not to vacate their occupation of Afghanistan and does not insist the NATO terror syndicates to quit Pakistani soil. An illegal occupation of Pakistan and Afghanistan suits India as well so that it could also brutally occupy Jammu Kashmir. .

India does not seek to achieve peace in the region by surrounding sovereignty to besieged Kashmiris and asking its terror forces to quite the lands of Kashmiris forthwith.

An independent Jammu Kashmir as it existed before it was invaded in 1947 and brutally occupied since then by its “democratic” neighbour could be the easiest way to resolve the Indo-Pak tensions and generate freewill and trade links in full. When India could “strike” deals with far away USA and Russia, the top terrocracies without borders with India, why can’t India establish good relations with Pakistan without occupying Jammu Kashmir? Why is an insensitive India fear losing alien Jammu Kashmir?  The usual Indian gimmick of making some rich Kashmiris support Indian colonial urge,  by offering them favours, cannot be construed as a popular will and as such continue forever. 

India knows that well but still wants to talk and leave the explosive Kashmir issue that has taken huge toll of human and material life Muslims in India occupied Jammu Kashmir for years, unaddressed.  New Delhi possible thinks stability is possibly by continued occupation and perpetual state terror brutality.  It because When Nehru and colonist Co sent state forces to Jammu Kashmir they thought JK would be permanently within Indian constitutional framework and Kashmiris would do exactly what the New Delhi bosses require. . 

So-called composite dialogue process between India and Pakistan started in 1997 Kashmiris free.

All the cross border trade gimmicks will not ensure stability or peace in the over troubled region, but grant of freedom and independence   to Kashmiris definitely wil. All previous attempts of economic integration without resolution of Kashmir issue, have fallen flat on the border lines; they have not been effective in bringing both countries closer.

Cross border firings, bogus terrorism plank, among other issues have been used by India to deny Kashmiris their birth right to breathe freely.  Cross border exchange of prisoners has benefited India that got back many of its agents.

Not everything happens as per the monstrous regime dreams and Kashmiri Muslims, undeterred by Indian terror straggles and holocaust efforts, continue to struggle for sovereignty.

The strategic culture of animosity, the sense of insecurity and mistrust, and the divergent geopolitical interests of the great powers have kept hostage the peace process between India and Pakistan.

Both Pakistan and India can meet as many times as they desire and also have sumptuous lunches plus  the usual ”hot stuff” at people’s cost,  but that cannot resolve the crisis and  therefore they must discuss Kashmir issue as the top agenda. 

All other minor issues can be discussed later because they all will get resolved almost automatically once the Kashmir sovereignty issue is resolved.  The issues like counter-terrorism, including progress on the Mumbai trial, and narcotics,  humanitarian issues, commercial and economic cooperation; Wullar Barrage / Tulbul Navigation Project; Sir Creek; Siachen; peace and security including CBMs, would disappear once  Jammu Kashmiris allowed  come  into existence once again.  And the promotion of Pak-India friendly and trade exchanges could go in tempos.

Salient of the Indo-Pak meetings has been that the real causes of the confrontation between India and Pakistan are never discussed, except for the passing reference in the usual joint statement. In fact the issue is not even properly addressed in wider regional and global context.   But they always, as India wants the talks to be bogus,  agree to enhance cross-LoC travel and cross-LoC trade, etc, as confidence building measure between the two countries without assuring the besieged Kashmiris of their final freedom.  That is real problem of Indian hypocrisy and self-deception.

Till date, India has managed to hijack the talks to impose its occupation will on Kashmiris.

In order to derail the peace process, India deliberately employs the terror issue or both start attacking each other’s border posts, thereby terrorizing the Kashmiris on either side of the IOC. This attitude of diversion must change on India’s part but that can be possible only when in between Jammu Kashmir is set free!

Mere talks alone cannot be the solution for the decade long deformed yet explosive Kashmir issue! True, resolution of JK issue should be total and full. Therefore, both India and Pakistan have to declare surrender of Kashmir lands. But India need not wait until Pakistan does it; it can voluntarily declare Jammu Kashmir free and independent. Pakistan would definitely be influenced positively to make similar declaration about Azad Kashmir. Will India do that at least now?

Unfortunately India, promoting cricketism gimmicks and nuclear terror threats as tools to divert the world attention from occupation brutalities, has failed to produce real statesmen to let peoples of the region live in peace!



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